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The Reality niche is similar to amateur, but still is light years away. This niche represent the great collection of paysites that feature amateur babes, real home made and the so called "take my offer and suck me off" sexual acts. Real stories, real porn, no professional stuff but still extra high quality in huge amounts. You will be able to search within hidden camera material, kinky sex tapes leaked in public sector and so on. Horny babes, endowed males - here is all about reality porn! Ah, and here you can find first timers like first anal, first suck and so on. Almost every "never done that before" chick have found home in this niche.




Tricky Agent
Score: 73.2
Tricky Agent Date: 2015-05-17 is a relatively new site on the Serious Cash network, it features some kind of casting material, but instead of the casting being real, the dude is only using this as an excuse to fuck hot babes who are desperate to get into the porn industry! As you can imagine, these babes give everything they have to convince the producers that they have what it takes, so the action is really enjoyable! The site has a good design, there is some scene info, there are a few sample images which is always a good thing! You can check out 5 teaser videos, which is another good feature!

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Niches: Amateur   Hardcore   Reality  
Fuck At Party
Score: 72.8
Fuck At Party Date: 2015-05-29
A party such as what you see on is every man’s dream! Everybody is hoping for such action at parties or at least after the party like this! When you leave the house you’ll always be dreaming about hot babes who want your cock and will do all types of nasty hardcore sex with you at or after the party! Who haven’t dreamed about nasty sluts who blow your cock or who will beg for a good hard fuck after meeting you… Well some live the dream, and the proof can be found at! It is a reality type of site that focuses on parties during which horny sluts strip, tease and do all types of hardcore action!

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Niches: Amateur   Group Sex   Parties   Reality  
Teen Anal Casting
Score: 72.5
Teen Anal Casting Date: 2015-05-19
You have probably heard of those castings sites, where the babes go on a casting, where they get fucked to see do they have it in them to be a porn star… Now this site is just like that, with the expectation, that here these teen babes get their asses destroyed by some big cocks in front of the camera, in hope of making it big in the adult business! There are some really nasty hardcore anal scenes, so the lovers of anal and reality sex will enjoy the content! The design is pretty good, it is very professional, it looks good, it has the right amount of information, but it is pretty light at the same time!

★ Read Teen Anal Casting review » ★

Niches: Anal   Reality   Young Adults  
Score: 72.5
Papi Date: 2015-05-19 is another gay site on the Reality Kings network, that offers hot studs in some intense guy on guy or threesome action. These dudes love the cocks in their holes, they tease it with their mouths and tongues before they get pounded by them. The site has the networks general or basic design, with some minor modifications where they have changed the fonts and the colors on the site. The biggest modification they made was with the navigation, they changed its looks and the use font is also different. But it works just as good as before, so this modification did not effect on the usability and efficiency of the navigation.

★ Read Papi review » ★

Niches: Gay   Hardcore   Reality  
Can She Take It
Score: 72.3
Can She Take It Date: 2015-05-19
Can She Take It is the MOFOS network’s hardcore site that is not all about huge cocks, more like it is some kind of “reality” themed site with different “shows” various places and scenes. These scenes are like some rip off of the normal TV shows but with one difference, here you will have real hardcore sex with horny babes, who look absolutely beautiful. The site offers both videos and pictures, so there is something for everyone. The design is great, the usual MOFOS design, which is followed by a great and simple navigation.

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Niches: Big Cocks   Hardcore   Reality  
My Spy Vids
Score: 72.2
My Spy Vids Date: 2015-05-30
Probably a lot of you guys have mad home videos or sex tapes in some point in your life, but this dude has taken home videos to a whole new level! On you can see one big player’s home videos which he took during sex without the babes actually knowing they are being filmed! This dude is not only a tricky bastard but probably a real playboy too, since when you take a look at the quantity of his videos, you’ll see a pretty decent amount of material, which means he had a lot of action with some really hot babes! You can hate the dude, you can admire him for having so much hardcore sex, but one thing is for sure… His voyeur/reality styled videos are really impressive!

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Niches: Reality   Videos   Voyeur  
BrunoB Reloaded
Score: 71.8
BrunoB Reloaded Date: 2015-06-01 is basically like a hardcore porn diary of a lucky dude! On the site you get to see how lucky he is to fuck all these gorgeous babes in every possible position and style! They get their holes filled and their faces covered with jizz is both videos and pictures. Bruno travels the roads and picks up chicks who are down to some dirty hardcore sex which we all like and enjoy! To be honest this dude lives the dream, and thankfully he shares his experiences on with those who are not that fortunate to have these kinds of cuties! The material that you’ll get comes with average quality which won’t make the site better, but the action and the “reality” styled action makes this hardcore site pretty interesting!

★ Read BrunoB Reloaded review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Hardcore   Reality  
Teen Sex Reality
Score: 71.3
Teen Sex Reality Date: 2016-03-20
Featuring real amateur people getting busy on camera, Teen Sex Reality focuses on real amateur babes getting fucked and loving it. There are private home videos, hidden camera shots and all kinds of home sex tapes. Teen Sex Reality takes reality to a whole new level.

★ Read Teen Sex Reality review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Reality   Young Adults  
She Made Us Lesbians
Score: 70.9
She Made Us Lesbians Date: 2016-03-20
Horny, mature women track down hot teen babes, bring them home and give them their first ever lesbian experience. After getting a taste of that pussy, these teen babes turn into full on, pussy loving lesbians who can't wait to get another hot clit in their mouths.

Niches: Hardcore   Lesbian   Reality   Young Adults  
They Caught on Video
Score: 70.5
They Caught on Video Date: 2015-05-29
We already reviewed a site similar to this, its name was Stolen Home Videos, and it featured sex tapes, home videos and other amateur related material… Today we have another voyeur site up for reviewing with the same type of material! It is called and it gives enjoyable adult home videos for their members. There are no photos, only videos on the site, just like the previously mentioned site! Other than the design, these two are pretty identical…The design here is pretty good, the material is in focus, there are some sample images, with basic info and a looooot of call to action texts in every corner of the site.

Niches: Amateur   Reality   Voyeur   Webcams  
See My Wife
Score: 70.5
See My Wife Date: 2015-05-29
In theory See My Wife offers submitter amateur videos and pictures about hot wives doing nasty hardcore action, but in real life these scenes seem like that they are professionally produced by a professional crew, but the babes are still amazingly hot, and the action is still great and hard. The site is a little different from what we are used to on the Reality Kings network, it has a more developed built with some info and description that helps the user to get the information about what to expect from that specific video or picture set. The navigation changed a little too, but only in its looks, it remained easy and simple to use.

★ Read See My Wife review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Hardcore   Mature   Reality  
Dangerous Dongs
Score: 70.1
Dangerous Dongs Date: 2015-05-29
Dangerous Dongs is an interesting site, not only because the dudes inside have really huge cocks, but because they fuck these hot amateur chicks that you won’t find in any other adult video. These petite babes get their holes stretched by these massive cocks and they love it! It doesn’t even bother them that they are being recorded… The design is not the usual which you would expect from Reality Kings. It is simple, but we think that the general or standard design is way better… On the main page, you get some descriptions and info and sample pictures to know what to expect but it looks amateurish somehow… The navigation is a little modified from what we are used to on the network, but its kind of ok I guess.

★ Read Dangerous Dongs review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Big Cocks   Group Sex   Hairy   Reality  
Never Done That Before
Score: 69.8
Never Done That Before Date: 2015-04-06
Never Done That Before is a site of firsts. Girls get their first anal sex, their first lesbian experience, their first creampie etc. These girls are curious about different types of sex and here they finally get to experience it and see how it goes. We get to watch it all unfold, for better or worse.

Niches: Hardcore   Reality   Young Adults  
Horny Birds
Score: 69.6
Horny Birds Date: 2015-07-11
Horny Birds is a site that offers great amateur babes in great hardcore scenes in it’s videos and pictures. Let us explain… These shoots are all taken on bachelor parties, where these sluts go crazy from these muscular male strippers, and they jump right onto these cocks as soon as they have the opportunity. Great group scenes, where these amateur whores suck, jerk off and fuck with these dudes. As for the site, it has the networks general design, which means it is simple, it looks clean and good plus the focus is on the content and not on some flashing ads or pop ups. The navigation is just as good as the design, you will have no problem surfing the site with the help of it.

★ Read Horny Birds review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Hardcore   Parties   Reality  
Girls Next Door Abused
Score: 69.5
Girls Next Door Abused Date: 2015-05-30
The name of the site that we are about to review, has nothing to do with real abuse, it only features some hardcore scenes with these “next door girl” type of babes. Yes there are some harder scenes in which these babes get their holes roughly drilled, but it has nothing to do with real abuse! Now that we cleared things, let’s get on with the review! The design is not bad, we mean we have seen some better looking designs by the guys at Serious Cash, but overall it is not bad. The material is in focus, they have sample images and scene descriptions… all the standard features can be found on the site!

Niches: Amateur   Hardcore   Reality  
Teach my Ass
Score: 69.1
Teach my Ass Date: 2015-06-02
For the lovers of the anal teen niche, we present It is a site that features hot anal babes in all kinds of hardcore anal sex scenes, so if you would love to see scenes such as this, check out the review, and find out more about the site! has the network’s “general” design, they have made a few smaller modifications, which for some may be better, for some may be worse, but overall it is pretty good. Good layout, with scene descriptions, sample images and trailers for the latest updates, plus you get some of their models on the main page too! The look and feel of the site is professional, although we didn’t quite like the fonts they used on the site!

★ Read Teach my Ass review » ★

Niches: Anal   Reality   Videos   Young Adults  
Score: 68.8
BFFS Date: 2015-06-02 features hot college BFFs and young adults in their hardcore oriented videos and pictures. There is a lot of intense pussy drilling going on on the site, these hot young chicks get their cunts destroyed by huge cocks, while their BFFs are right there with them during the fuck. Great school fetish materials, sex on the sport field and some great hardcore action in the gym! These are the things you can expect on the site. The layout and the design is pretty much the same that you can see on a lot of adult sites, so nothing extra there. You get some scene info and sample images, somewhere even gifs to let you know what to expect from that specific scene.

★ Read BFFS review » ★

Niches: Group Sex   Hardcore   Reality   Videos   Young Adults  
Young Models Casting
Score: 68.5
Young Models Casting Date: 2016-03-20
Young Models Casting is a site where hot teen babes go to their first audition to be in a porn movie. You get to watch as they start the interview then get naked and get fucked. Some girls become stars, some girls can't hack it. You get to see it all.

Niches: Hardcore   Reality   Young Adults  
Picking Up Pussy
Score: 67.3
Picking Up Pussy Date: 2015-06-03
Picking Up Pussy, pussy is a reality niche site, with the pick up theme. As you would have guessed by now, sexy and most importantly horny babes get picked up, and after a little teasing and seducing they get taken to places where they will be filled with big hard cocks. There are other sites like this on, so let’s see is it good as the other ones are, or who knows, maybe even better! As for the beginning, the site has an interesting “road” design, or at least the background has an asphalt patter with a layout which can be seen on the other network sites. Nothing special but it looks decent.

★ Read Picking Up Pussy review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Hardcore   Reality  
Boys Casting
Score: 67.0
Boys Casting Date: 2015-06-03
If you thought only amateur babes and amateur women have to go to adult castings, you were so wrong! This gay site is the proof that gay men also have to go “through” this process… On these amateur gay studs pose, strip and tease for the camera, and if the “producer” likes what he sees, than you’ll get some hardcore gay action as well. There are a lot of young gay men in these scenes so you get a pretty enjoyable material. They all look like amateurs, they all have good looking bodies with a good physic, so if you are a gay dude, you’ll like what you see! However the site… well the site isn’t good looking at all! It is outdated and bad looking, but more from this later!

★ Read Boys Casting review » ★

Niches: Gay   Hardcore   Reality