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This category is for those who rather turn the light off when having sex. Well, not fully in that way, but here you can not find anything hardcore. The super tender sexual games with featuring gorgeous young babes and their partners can be rather called sexual art than porn. The paysites we have listed offer super time spending with their material, so you can choose between amateur, teen, brunette, babe and many, many more. The stuff is not hard, as we stated, but still sexy and can start the sexual fantasy as well! Get involved and start the tour!




Sweet Ira
Score: 66.0
Sweet Ira Date: 2015-06-04
Sweet Ira is a solo site of the beautiful amateur blonde Ira. She is a model and she just want to share her high resolution photo works with old and new friends, as well video scenes in HD. Watch little Ira in naughty solo show off. The cute blonde will show all about her in the well organized members area. 100% exclusive content.

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Niches: Amateur   Individual Models   Softcore  
Naughty Sammy
Score: 65.1
Naughty Sammy Date: 2015-06-05
Naughty Sammy is the place where tough guys can try out their assets on this little weird babe! She like trash talk, have great vocabulary regarding to the men, and always love to play some naughty games. Inside are located photos and videos well stacked in right places, cool and hot stuff indeed. Fantastic sexy chick with no taboos ill lead you to the world of unleashed fun. Enjoyable content, variety of modes to have fun.

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Niches: Amateur   Individual Models   Softcore  
Amour Deluxe
Score: 64.6
Amour Deluxe Date: 2015-06-05
The first thing that comes to the mind after reading the site name is high quality, high class super classy material! And for our great joy features just that! We have to start this review with the design, since it is 100% unique! Some of you may like it, others will hate it, but you will definitely remember it and have a strong opinion about the looks of the site! The whole site is made with flash, so the usual layout is out of the question! For us it was pretty good, we liked it, although we don’t think this is the way porn sites should be! Despite the fact that flash isn’t the best choice for building a site, the design actually looks high class and deluxe!

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Niches: General   Glamour   Softcore  
Just Sasha
Score: 64.1
Just Sasha Date: 2015-06-06
Many people adore beach girls, but not many can have a full overview of them. Sasha is here to change that, she will show her tan skin, perfect body and strategically placed piercings in her quality outdoor photo shoots. Unlike other softcore tease sites, here you will have the opportunity to watch her hairy pussy get wet and messy, stimulated and fucked. She is into many things, like lesbian fun, public exposures, and many more!

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Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Trista Stevens
Score: 64.0
Trista Stevens Date: 2015-06-13
Trista Stevens is a Canadian young brunette with a sexy body, who wants to share her naughty adventures with her audiences. Most of the content found on it is softcore, and it’s based around Trista pleasuring her tight pussy with her sensual fingers, or a large dildo from her huge collection of toys. Also, you can see some pretty rough blowjob scenes, featuring only big pieces of meat, and some fine sex videos with random lucky dudes.

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Niches: Amateur   Hardcore   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Spunky Bee
Score: 63.9
Spunky Bee Date: 2016-03-20
Spunky Bee is a hot solo girl site where the sexy Bee lives out all her sexual fantasies. She loves dressing up in hot little outfits and she loves fingering and teasing herself on camera. When she gets really horny she even brings a guy home so you can watch her get her brains fucked out. This girl lets it all hang out and you get to see every second of it.

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Niches: Hardcore   Softcore   Solo Models  
All Over Lexi
Score: 63.8
All Over Lexi Date: 2015-06-15
Lexi is the young sexy hostess of this softcore tease site, which basically means that you can see every part of her perfect body including her pubic hair that is shaved in the "landing strip" style, but rarely get a glance at her little pink pussy. She will get you aroused by looking through you with her piercing blue eyes, stripping and getting get naked, unfortunately you will never see her masturbate or do any rough things, but that’s the beauty of teasing, when the fun part is up to your imagination.

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Niches: Amateur   Lesbian   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Kiss Kristin
Score: 63.6
Kiss Kristin Date: 2015-06-13
Who wouldn’t want to kiss Kristin? You may not get the chance to do so, but what you surely can do is watch her being open the her members, and showing every inch of her perfect long legs, all natural slim but curvy body, not to mention those puffy pink nipples. Aside from being a young hottie, Kristin has one of the most appealing and interesting personalities among individual models out there. She is a fine example of the term 10 out of 10.

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Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Stunning Serena
Score: 63.0
Stunning Serena Date: 2015-06-13
Whether Serena appears as a brunette or a redhead, outdoors or indoors, wearing some lingerie or totally naked, Serena is always absolutely stunning. This gorgeous teenager has a pair of perfect little perky boobs, a hot skinny body, and a puffy pink pussy. She likes to show off everything for her members, although you will only see her strip and masturbate, but the dirty talk she has to offer…now that’s something that’s worth dying for.

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Niches: Amateur   Nude Photography   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Spunky XXX Girls
Score: 62.9
Spunky XXX Girls Date: 2015-06-15
As you might expect from the site’s name, Spunky XXX Girls brings you stunning scenes that feature beautiful young amateurs having soft- and hardcore sex on camera. Some of the sexiest amateur teens to ever work in porn are featured in the website’s all exclusive content. Even though the content is fairly limited, you will definitely find what you came here for, be it sexy, teasing photo shoots with young girls taking everything into everywhere, or just straight forward sex shorts.

★ Read Spunky XXX Girls review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Hardcore   Porn Stars   Softcore  
Alexis Angel
Score: 62.6
Alexis Angel Date: 2015-06-13
Tiffany Alexis is a gorgeous blonde model, who got bored of clothes, so she started her own website, where she can get totally naked for her members. You can find unique photo sets, explicit short videos, but her favorite activity is performing in webcam shows for her beloved followers. Her body is without a doubt perfected for both clothed and naked modeling, and she like to abuse her nicely tanned curves while teasing in public places.

★ Read Alexis Angel review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Madison Summers
Score: 62.4
Madison Summers Date: 2015-06-12
Madison is a young cutie with full breasts, puffy areolas and a chubby face befitting her age. However, she's not quite as angelic and naïve as she may appear at first glance, this girl brings a hell of a somewhat nude tease site. Her playful photo shoots show off her entire, yet untouched body, including her pink pussy. She is somewhat shy, because you can never see her touch or pleasure herself even a little bit.

★ Read Madison Summers review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Busty Josie
Score: 62.3
Busty Josie Date: 2015-06-12 is a solo site on the Nice ratios network that features a super hot brunette teen named Josie! Josie has a gorgeous body, she has big natural boobs, a shaved pussy, sexy feet and an Angelic smile! On the site you get only softcore material, there are no hardcore scenes! The design of is pretty good! It is simple and light while providing enough info about the site and about Josie too! There are a few sample images and a tease video too! The navigation is also good, it is simple and easily usable, so we like it!

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Niches: Big Boobs   Individual Models   Softcore  
Sweet Vicky
Score: 62.2
Sweet Vicky Date: 2015-05-15
Sweet Vicky is a solo site of the beautiful amateur blonde Vicky. She is a model and she just want to share her high resolution photo works with old and new friends, as well video scenes in HD. Watch little Vicky in naughty solo show off. The cute blonde will show all about her in the well organized members area. 100% exclusive content.

★ Read Sweet Vicky review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Diddy & Serena
Score: 62.1
Diddy & Serena Date: 2015-06-13
Diddy and Serena are two young girls, with separate softcore tease sites, now coming together to make their audiences melt. The girls are very cute, sweet and silly and it is their personalities and interactions that are at the heart of the site. Luckily for you, they do more than just strip, they also enjoy some light lesbian loving. Unfortunately, you won’t see any more than perky boobs and tight asses, because their pussies stay hidden all the time with sometimes pretty creative way.

★ Read Diddy & Serena review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Lesbian   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Tiffany Love
Score: 62.0
Tiffany Love Date: 2015-05-26
Tiff Love is a website where Tiffany wait for her friends to show them her little secrets. Hot solo actions of this young and filthy brunette is all about. Insertations, masturbation, stripping, pussy play and some juicy refreshments are awaiting in the members area. Join and get some of Tiffany. Exclusive content, HQ pictures and video content. Extra class, worth to be a member, 2 bonus sites included in membership.

★ Read Tiffany Love review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Brunettes   Individual Models   Softcore   Young Adults  
Emily Sweet
Score: 61.6
Emily Sweet Date: 2015-06-13
You may ask, what makes Emily so sweet? Simply because this girl is irresistibly cute, with just a hint of naughty and she has a girl-next-door appeal, which make a fantasy much more realistic. She likes to show off her hot body, besides stripping and posing, this sexy brunette also likes to play with her pussy and pinch her nipples. Although Emily will always be the cute tease she always was, her site only contains mediocre quality photo content, which is a shame.

★ Read Emily Sweet review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Kissable Kaydin
Score: 61.6
Kissable Kaydin Date: 2015-06-13
This gorgeous mature looking young amateur named Kaydin, named her site pretty accordingly to the naked truth, she is somewhat more likely to be kissed, loved and worshipped, rather than mindlessly fucked. This is not because she won’t show us all of her body, contrary to the fact that she’s more likely to be seen naked or in a really small bikini. Kaydin poses, teases, and makes you her soul slave after taking only a few peeks on her.

★ Read Kissable Kaydin review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Kori Kitten
Score: 61.6
Kori Kitten Date: 2015-06-15
Kori is a real kitten, soft, fragile, and without a doubt gorgeous in all ways. Though this is a non-nude site, several photos will show you Kori’s perky little boobs. You have to really appreciate a good tease and an understated sexuality to appreciate a site like this one. If you're looking for a chick who spreads her pussy lips apart and sticks whatever she can find up all her holes, this is definitely not for you.

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Niches: Amateur   Red Heads   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Karen Loves Kate
Score: 61.4
Karen Loves Kate Date: 2015-06-15
Karen the kinky blonde loves Kate the cute brunette, a simple context, yet, it is interesting if you know a few things about the two girls. None of the girls are actually lesbian, so you will see a lot of kissing, breast worship and petting, but they never get down to business. There is no explicit or naughty stuff here, sure, you get to see sexy lingerie and perky boobs, but you are up to a hell of a softcore tease session. If you prefer your fantasy to do the dirty work for you, their collection will definitely do the trick.

★ Read Karen Loves Kate review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Lesbian   Nude Photography   Softcore   Young Adults