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Sex, fantasies, glamour, erotica, art are only few from the descriptions related to this niche, but also you may find soft and hardcore, teen, milf and many more. The niche is listing paysites of Individual models, amateur or professional porn actors and models. Many models liked the porn industry related work that they have started an individual website to follow the line of their life interest. Enjoyable materials, high definition videos, tons of great picture sets with crazy amount of pictures. The paysites are not strictly fan oriented but once you find your model, you will ever come back to her!

Solo Models



Craving Carmen
Score: 70.2
Craving Carmen Date: 2015-06-05
Carmen just loves the camera, and who wouldn’t love her back? This girl is just flooding her members with constantly improving content, whatever your fetish is, this girl already has a short film or a photo shoot in that category. If you are into something you can’t find on the site, ask Carmen to do it! She is please by the love of her fans, and will do anything to maintain her collection of stolen hearts.

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Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Webcams   Young Adults  
Lacey Sweet
Score: 70.1
Lacey Sweet Date: 2015-06-04
There are a lot of solo sites with hot babes, that give you some really great teasing materials, but takes that one step further! Not only that Lacey is an amazing brunette teen with a fantastic body, but the thing she does on her site will make you go mad! From softcore teasing in bikinis and lingerie, through strip shows to lesbian action with toys and solo masturbation, you get all types of material! The site looks good just like Lacey, so far, things are looking pretty good!

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Niches: Amateur   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Spunky Pass
Score: 70.0
Spunky Pass Date: 2015-05-29
The time has come for every teen porn lover to get their Spunky Pass! Whatever your dreams are, you will certainly find a young girl who will fulfill them as a daily routine. Hundreds of amateur and professional young girls are waiting for you in this customizable network site. Spunky Pass offers you 25 sites with a wide variety of girls, activities, downloadable content, and more! Choose 5 sites that fits your needs for a mind blowing $9.99 monthly fee.

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Niches: Amateur   Nude Photography   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Chloe Coed
Score: 69.9
Chloe Coed Date: 2015-05-30
If we remember correctly we have already reviewed a site on the Bittie Bucks network that featured a babe named Chloe which was pretty good, so we are hoping that will deliver too! The design certainly does “deliver”! It is simple a bit unique and with the material in focus and site and scene descriptions you get a pretty complete site! Let’s see what the material gives to you if you decide you become a member!

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Niches: Amateur   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Southern Brooke
Score: 69.6
Southern Brooke Date: 2015-06-05
Brooke is definitely a blessed beauty when breasts come in to subject. You could stare at her magnificent boobs for days, and she could still make them bounce like you’ve never seen before. Brooke is not a hardcore amateur, she is a softcore teasing professional. Her wardrobe consists of way too small lingerie, and mostly transparent shirts and skirts. She’s work is to get you going, to show that perfect curves and form is more than enough, and leave you alone with your imagination.

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Niches: Amateur   Nude Photography   Softcore   Solo Models  
Alicia Dreams
Score: 69.5
Alicia Dreams Date: 2015-06-03
Right from the start we have to say that for some this review and the final overview will be strange and unusual, but we will give the reason for it in the review, so stay with us and see what has to offer us! As soon as we opened the site, we know we were in trouble! We know that we have to focus on strictly the site and it’s material but Alicia is really something else, and her sight will add value to the site regardless of the offered material! We got used to good designs from the Bittie Bucks network, and they didn’t disappoint! The design of is great! The layout the user friendly interface, everything is the way it should be! The navigation only makes the site better so good job once more!

★ Read Alicia Dreams review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Taylor Lain
Score: 69.5
Taylor Lain Date: 2015-05-28
Taylor Lain is a well known name in the adult business, but she has earn her place by hard work and endless dedication towards her toys! is her official adult site, which gives great high quality solo material to her members in both video and picture formats! On her site, Taylor doesn’t do hardcore scenes, she only pleases and teases herself with her sex toys for everyone’s great joy! Just like the material, her site is really good too! The layout is simple and light, which we like really much as you know by now!

★ Read Taylor Lain review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Latina   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Dakota Black
Score: 69.4
Dakota Black Date: 2015-06-01
Dakota is a girl who already looks gorgeous with her clothes on, luckily, she is not afraid to show what’s underneath the lingerie. This girl is a perfect example of a model who spent hours and hours on perfecting her body. You will find a lot of perfectly crafted photo sets of her doing unspeakable body movement, stripping, pole dancing, playing with toys and much more! I bet her naughty face will haunt your dreams for a long time.

★ Read Dakota Black review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Nude Photography   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Ruby Desires
Score: 69.4
Ruby Desires Date: 2015-05-30 is a solo site on the Bittie Bucks network, which features the lovely redhead teen Ruby who really knows how to tease in front of the camera! In the material you get uniform fetish, bikini posing, strip shows and teases in lingerie. The design is good, the layout is simple and light with the material in focus. There are is some site info and scene description, so we could say that it is a pretty complete site.

★ Read Ruby Desires review » ★

Niches: Red Heads   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Squirt 4 Real
Score: 69.0
Squirt 4 Real Date: 2015-06-06
This website is the official site of amateur Jamie James. The website features her and her passion to squirt. The female ejaculation is the prime niche in here, but Jamie is doing all the best to teach the interested girls and woman about the female ejaculation. Extra information and advices from Jamie. 100% exclusive material, very low price for monthly fee, including 3 day full access for less than $3.00.

★ Read Squirt 4 Real review » ★

Niches: Fetish   Solo Models   Squirting   Toys  
SpunkyPass Zips
Score: 68.9
SpunkyPass Zips Date: 2015-06-01
Build your own Zip-set package with your favorite professional or amateur teens, from a wide range of unique castings, places and actions, all exclusive to Ever had a fantasy about watching your favorite girl doing what she’s best at? And you are just standing there, watching her every move from up front. These unique zip sets make your fantasy come to life, with HD videos, HD close-up photos, behind the scenes shots, all you need to get lost in the feeling that you are truly there.

★ Read SpunkyPass Zips review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Nude Photography   Softcore   Solo Models  
Trisha Bangs
Score: 68.8
Trisha Bangs Date: 2015-06-01 is another solo site on the network, where this stunning blond babe Trisha does some teasing, undressing and some solo scenes with toys. The main page of her site is a bit too crowded. You have everything on one page, her bio, some sample pictures and the features that the site offers. Although they have everything mixed up into one page, it does not look bad. We could say that everything goes well together, and even we though it is decent, but we like the clean and simple design. The navigation is the networks basic navigation, it is simple and effective.

★ Read Trisha Bangs review » ★

Niches: Blondes   Individual Models   Softcore   Solo Models  
Sophie Banks
Score: 68.7
Sophie Banks Date: 2015-05-17
The Biitie Bucks network is famous for their solo sites, and this time we are going to review the one called is Sophie’s personal adult site, where she does all kinds of nasty hardcore things! From the regular stud on babe action to threesomes, you get quite a lot of hardcore action going on on the site! She blows, she licks, she gets fucked hard! Her site is pretty good as far as the design goes… You will get scene info and description as well as sample images, so you will know which video to download first!

★ Read Sophie Banks review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Kiki 18
Score: 68.6
Kiki 18 Date: 2015-06-02
Super cute looking 18 year old petite teen Kiki is showing everything she knows to the world of porn. This fascinating beauty share the best content of her exciting behavior with wider audiences. Members will get insight into the best selected scenes of her sexual life. Tiny and sexy, Kiki will give hours of joy to her fans. Personal diary of Kiki is also present, so members can read about her deepest secrets.

★ Read Kiki 18 review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Petite   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Paris N Friends
Score: 68.6
Paris N Friends Date: 2015-05-28
Young but promising pay website of a petite Paris is related to sexy games that shows all the ways she can go out with her friends. Entertainment for members takes place both indoor and outdoor. The variety of fun is limited only by the imagination of this crazy girl and her fine friends. Extra fun games with showing her perfect body and nasty games with friends, including a perverted sex game with whipped cream and a mini vibrator will keep interested long in front the screen.

★ Read Paris N Friends review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Blondes   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Annabelle Angel
Score: 68.5
Annabelle Angel Date: 2015-06-02
Annabelle is a gorgeous redhead, or blonde, or brunette, or whatever is your favorite color because she likes to change her hair color and style every now and then. She is a natural girl, no plastics, no unrealistic curves, she has that beautiful girl-next-door look, with a few excess here and there. This girl is addicted to masturbation, you can see her perform even in public areas, beautiful environments. For those who like to get personal, Annabelle has a forum, where you can post wishes, and damn, this girl even has her own youtube channel.

★ Read Annabelle Angel review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Bella Spice
Score: 68.5
Bella Spice Date: 2015-05-20
After so many hot babes, Bella started a solo site too on the Dog Fart network. Just like the other Spice girl, she is undressing, posing and teasing, but not showing everything to us, since she is only undressing to her panties, and sadly no further. Although she is a really hot Latina petite babe, personally I think that she is not as hot as the other Latina babes on the network. The design is not bad, but again, the other sites have better designs due to them being simpler and cleaner. On this site you get flashing texts and some model info on the main page but it just doesn’t feel right somehow… but after all of these cons, we must say that it is not bad, it is just not as good as the other solo sites on the network. The navigation is really good, just like on the other network sites, we can’t complain about it.

★ Read Bella Spice review » ★

Niches: Latina   Solo Models   Young Adults  
GoGo Amanda
Score: 68.5
GoGo Amanda Date: 2015-06-02
Amanda Crush is a sexy brunette teen babe, who shares great softcore videos and pictures on her personal solo site. In these materials, she does some great solo scenes, she is undressing, dancing in underwear and in lingerie, caressing her body and teasing those who watch her naughty content. Gogo Amanda is a site that has a good design. We don’t like these kinds of sites, that has picture on top of another picture design, but this time, it is done well so it turned out to be quite decent… On the main page, there are some sample pictures and some model info about this beautiful teen brunette. The navigation is also good, it works well it is really easy to browse on the site with the help of it.

★ Read GoGo Amanda review » ★

Niches: Amateur   HD Porn   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Sweet Irena
Score: 68.5
Sweet Irena Date: 2015-05-29
Sweet Irena is a solo site of the beautiful amateur blonde Irena. She is a model and she just want to share her high resolution photo works with old and new friends, as well video scenes in HD. Watch little Irena in naughty solo show off. The cute blonde will show all about her in the well organized members area. 100% exclusive content.

★ Read Sweet Irena review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Melissa Doll
Score: 68.4
Melissa Doll Date: 2015-06-04 is a solo site on the Brain Cash network, which is the home of a stunning brunette teen, who does all kinds of soft and hardcore actions in her site’s video and picture material. She loves to pose and to strip, she loves to masturbate, and she definitely loves to fuck! She does it with girls in some sexy lesbo action, she does is with guys as well in some nasty hardcore fucking both in and outside! And besides these things, she is even into threesomes, that are nasty as hell! We can say, that this chick is one hell of a slut who is always looking for sex adventures!

★ Read Melissa Doll review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Petite   Solo Models