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Sex, fantasies, glamour, erotica, art are only few from the descriptions related to this niche, but also you may find soft and hardcore, teen, milf and many more. The niche is listing paysites of Individual models, amateur or professional porn actors and models. Many models liked the porn industry related work that they have started an individual website to follow the line of their life interest. Enjoyable materials, high definition videos, tons of great picture sets with crazy amount of pictures. The paysites are not strictly fan oriented but once you find your model, you will ever come back to her!

Solo Models



Little Liza
Score: 59.3
Little Liza Date: 2015-06-15 is the home of the stirring blonde teen babe Liza, who is doing all kinds of naughty teases, poses and strip shows for us in her site’s video and picture material! She takes off her clothes and lingerie on a field, and in her little private room too, so you get both outdoor and indoor scenes from! The design is just like on every other Tf Cash network site, it doesn’t look bad, but these layouts are not meant for adult and porn sites! Even though we don’t think they are terrible, they should do some upgrading on this area… but as it seems there won’t be any in the near future…

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Niches: Amateur   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Knocked Up Peaches
Score: 59.2
Knocked Up Peaches Date: 2015-06-15
Georgia Peach is pregnant for the very first time, and she wants to share the experience with all her followers! She was a dirty porn star before, doing cuckolding, ass worship, femdom videos and nobody told her that getting pregnant will make her even more sex crazed. Georgia’s body is growing every day, and so does her hunger for fetishes. Follow her through first pregnancy, and be involved in all the nasty things she does.

Niches: Pregnant   Solo Models   Webcams  
Annie Berry
Score: 59.2
Annie Berry Date: 2015-06-15
In this review we are going to talk about a solo site of a gorgeous brunette teen called Annie! Annie is a 19 years old teen babe (or at least she was 19 when she did this material) who is into some sexy softcore tease, and some more naughty pussy drilling and lesbian sex with the help of her horny GFs! Here you can expect a lot of teasing, stripping and solo action with toys as well as some super sexy lesbian sex with one of her lesbian GFs! Everything looks promising, so lets go inside and have a look at the site more closely!

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Niches: Amateur   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Young Keera
Score: 59.1
Young Keera Date: 2015-06-15 is the adult site of this hot blonde teen Keera, who is sharing her softcore adult material with her site’s members and followers. is part of the site, or to be precise, after entering, you get redirected to which is not actually the same domain but the material has not been changed! The design and the layout is really minimalistic, you get some text, some info, a few sample images and that’s it! You can enter the site with a membership, or you can join the Teenflood network, other options or features are not available.

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Niches: Blondes   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Male Wank
Score: 58.9
Male Wank Date: 2015-06-15 is another gay site that features handsome studs in hardcore action doing all types of posing, teasing, undressing and cock drilling before getting into the more nasty hardcore sex itself. The site is an old site on the Kinky Dollars network, and due to that, and mostly due to the lack of updates they feature only low quality material with low resolution images, and low resolution videos. The design isn’t good, looks like a typical 90s site which got a new mask or a makeover but it is basically old technology. You can tell by the layout and the overall design that it is not meant to meet the standards of today’s web design on hardcore porn sites.

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Niches: Gay   Solo Models  
Score: 58.7
Tera19 Date: 2015-06-15
Tera is a 19 years old Canadian girl, who’s ready to show off her gorgeous body in softcore exposures. Her innocent performance is what makes this site stand out of other tease sites run by young individual models. The shy look on her face, the awkward body movement while she removes her clothes, and those pesky eyes looking straight into yours asking for a hint on what to do next is what sucks you into her world.

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Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Teen Larisa
Score: 58.6
Teen Larisa Date: 2015-06-15 is a solo site on the Tf Cash network, that features the lovely brunette babe, who gives stirring adult material to the members of her site! She Does all kinds of soft and hardcore related action, from blowjobs and hardcore fucking to some sensual teasing she does all types of action. The design of the site is unique like on every network site, but honestly the layout and the looks of the site don’t go hand in hand with these types of adult materials! It is not bad, but these layouts are not meant for porn sites!

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Niches: Amateur   Brunettes   Individual Models   Solo Models   Young Adults  
I Heart Eden
Score: 58.3
I Heart Eden Date: 2015-06-15
Eden is a young sexy brunette who gets off on teasing the members of her website. She's a lot of fun to watch, although you will never see the real deal. She takes non-nude content to the next level, as she takes spreads and takes her top off, but she always manages to cleverly hide those puffy nipples with a finger or her gorgeous long legs. Her panties will come down pretty often, but you will never have a glance at her untouched pussy as she turns this way or another.

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Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Cutie Tease
Score: 58.1
Cutie Tease Date: 2015-06-15 is a solo site on the Bittie Bucks networks, that features a horny blonde teen babe who wants to be your nasty little angel! In her videos and pictures, this amateur young adult gives you all sort of softcore tease! She strips, poses and teases with that sexy teen body of hers in the site’s pictures. There are no videos of her, so you have to settle for the still image formats! The design is good and simple, the layout is light and user friendly so that’s definitely a pro!

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Niches: Amateur   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Teen Autumn
Score: 58.1
Teen Autumn Date: 2015-06-15 is another solo site from the TF Cash network, and in the site’s material you will see the lovely blonde babe Autumn, who does all types of softcore related materials!You get both pictures and videos on the site with decent quality, but don’t expect extraordinary quality from a site that has been built in 2005 and didn’t had any updates since… The design is unique, but honestly not the best! If you ask us, this layout isn’t working for adult sites, but it’s a good thing they tried something new!

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Niches: Amateur   Blondes   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Ashlee & Serena
Score: 57.7
Ashlee & Serena Date: 2015-06-15
Ashlee and Serena are two sexy amateurs with their own separate tease sites, but sadly neither is accessible with your membership, neither will this site bring more than over-the-top naked lesbo tease. They surely make a beautiful couple, you can feel the sensation by just looking how they kiss each other with burning lust in their eyes. Their bodies are without a doubt world class, especially when their bare breasts touch and cherish in a cute, but naughty kind of way.

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Niches: Amateur   Lesbian   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Naughty Miko
Score: 57.1
Naughty Miko Date: 2015-06-15
Naughty little Miko is an Asian teenager who is proud owner of a womanly body. She loves to tease her audiences, but unlike other softcore teasing sites, you get to watch her go fully naked. Her greatest appeal is in her sexy outfits, which look even sexier on her perfect body, also, she always strips out of her clothing, sometimes slowly, sometimes relentlessly. The soft, clean shaven pussy of hers is free to watch, but sadly stays unpleased.

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Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Alyssa Roxi
Score: 56.9
Alyssa Roxi Date: 2015-06-15
Alyssa Roxi is one hell of a sexy teen, she has an award winning pair of bobs, a perfectly round ass and some smoking hot hips. She really likes to brag about her body, but for some reason her pussy is always covered, which leads us to the conclusion that this is a softcore tease site with half-nude content. What might be the most appealing, is watching how the site’s hostess keep having a hell of a good time making exclusive content for her members.

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Niches: Amateur   Hardcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
She Got Knocked Up
Score: 56.6
She Got Knocked Up Date: 2015-06-15
Lucky was a pretty hot chick before she got pregnant, but now she has a pair of irresistible melons and a round belly to her disposal, which makes her even sexier as time goes by, and she is only at early stages. You can watch this knocked up teenager getting bigger and eventually hotter day by day, as she strips, teases and shows off every little part of her shiny blossoming young body.

Niches: Amateur   Pregnant   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Lili Jensen
Score: 0.0
Lili Jensen Date: 2016-03-08

★ Read Lili Jensen review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Hannah The Hottie
Score: 0.0
Hannah The Hottie Date: 2016-03-08

★ Read Hannah The Hottie review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Score: 0.0
CatXoXO Date: 2016-03-08

★ Read CatXoXO review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Asian   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Score: 0.0
Daisy19 Date: 2016-03-08

★ Read Daisy19 review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Love Jannah
Score: 0.0
Love Jannah Date: 2016-03-08

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Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Jana Rocks
Score: 0.0
Jana Rocks Date: 2016-03-16
Jana Rocks is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous blonde teen nude models in the world. Her site, named Jana Rocks offers tons of exclusive material featuring her in solo nude photo shoots and a couple of exotic photo sets with other teen beauties. This 18 year old teen adult model is absolutely flawless and her fan base keeps growing by the day. The site offers nude photo galleries as well as some HD videos of her showing her beautiful naked body. Join Jana Rocks and get the latest updates of her work with regular website updates.

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Niches: Amateur   Softcore   Solo Models   Young Adults