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1 Kelly Cash
    Here is one of the partnership programs that have been around for a long time. Kelly Cash was launched fifteen years ago, and this fact speaks for itself. When you have a program that has been offering its services for such a long time, plus it is rated 85.5 by, then you can be totally sure that you are up for a treat. After checking out its marketing tools, you will realize that it has a lot to offer. We are talking about banners, flash movies, free content, FHGs, HPAs and FPAs. Also, it is very good to know what payout techniques they use - checks and Paxum. The program script is quite standard since they use NATS on Kelly Cash, and when we are talking about the program type, it offers this: 25 dollars PPS and ten percent webmaster referrals. The number of sites that use this partnership program is not big, and it is only three. Here are the sites from the list: Porn Fidelity, Kelly Madison and Teen Fidelity.
3 2015-02-26
2 Buddy Profits
    Buddy Profits is a partnership program for those of you who are looking for a completely new program. It was launched in 2015, which is not something that you can see often. The revenue share is set at 50 percent, and when it comes to webmaster referrals, they are 10%. It is covering 42 porn sites, and some of those are Raging Stallion, Next Door Buddies, Pride Studios, Boyz Party, Male Digital, Active Duty... Yes, it is all about gay sex action and amazing porn videos and pictures. Buddy Profits is very good, especially because of the fact that gay porn sells better than ever and there is no doubt that you will find interest in it and that you will be able to make some money in no time.
42 2016-04-21
3 Fetish Hits
247 2015-06-15
4 Ferro Cash
    Ferro Cash is a partnership program that offers 59 adult sites under its umbrella and it is one of those that you can use in order to make some money easily. All you have to do is put their tools into action, and we have to highlight that the list of tools is quite impressive: banners, embedded videos, free hosting and FHGs, page peels, POTD and MOTD, RSS feeds. There are three options to receive the money: checks, Paxum & ePayService. Here is the main part of the review: Ferro Cash offers revenue share of 50%, which is pretty standard and it is definitely not impressive, but what is impressive is the fact that there is revenue share of 50%, plus there is a bonus of 150 dollars per active webmaster referral.
59 2015-03-10
5 Brain Cash
    Brain Cash is a partnership program that has a lot of teen porn sites to offer in its program. There are 77 XXX websites included and if you want to make some money doing affiliate marketing, that is what you can do with this program easily. In order to accomplish this, you need to use its tools such as banners, free content and FHGs, RSS feeds as well, and implement them on your site. After that, you will receive $35 per sign up, plus there is revenue share of 50% and ten percent webmaster referrals. The program has been around since 2013 and it is one of those that are rated 85+ for a reason.
77 2015-03-10
6 PussyDept
    Pussy Dept is a unique partnership program since it offers multiple exclusive niche sites with a hot big tit brunette milf model showing off her round ass and large bouncing boobs on camera. If you want to do business with her, to put it this way, you can do it through the partnership program that offers sweet marketing tools such as banners, description, free hosted galleries, the hosting is also free, plus there are blogs and RSS feeds. Like many other similar partnership programs, Pussy Dept offers paying via checks and wire transfers. The revenue share is up to 50%, and if you are wondering what scripts they use, it is CCBill Ap. Rated 83.9, Pussy Dept is one of the better partnership programs that you can join, it has been around since 2015, and if you like the porn site, you will love the program as well.
3 2015-03-05
7 Pay Serve
    Now, Pay Serve is a program that will suit your needs, no matter what is it that you are looking for. It has 56 adult sites to offer and some of the best rated ones are Anal Petite, Vintage Classic Porn, Tainster, Sleep Surprise, My Sexy Kittens, Pack Of Porn, Jim Slip, Club Seventeen, Fully Clothed Pissing... When you see the list of marketing tools, you will realize why Pay Serve is rated 90.5 on Some of them include banners, custom tools, FHGs, hosted blogs, RSS feeds, etc. The ways to receive money are the following: checks, wires and Paxum. The site was launched in 2010.
61 2015-03-03
8 Chick Pass Cash
    Chick Pass Cash is a new partner when it comes to affiliate programs in the adult industry. It was launched in 2014, and it has 95 sites to offer. Some of the most popular ones are ChickPass Amateurs, XXX NJ, ChickPass Network, College Amateurs, Fuck The Geek, T&A Brunettes, Mini Muffs, etc. In order to get the most of it, you should use its marketing tools, and some of the tools that this program is offering are banners, free hosted galleries, hosted flash videos, and many others that you will find more than useful. The payouts can be done by checks, Payoneer and wires, and when it comes to the program type, it offers revenue share up to 60% and there are also five percent webmaster referrals.
95 2015-03-03
9 Bad Boys Cash
    If you are into fetishes and watching sexy mature ladies having some fun, plus if you want to make money through porn sites, there is no time for wasting since we have a great new partnership program to present. It is called Bad Boy Cash and it was launched in 2014. The nine sites that it has to offer include: Boys Under Matures, Matures Fuck Teens, My Humble Sissy, She Sado Me, Teens Obedience Lesson and others that you can find below. We like the fact that Bad Boy Cash is using two program scripts - CCBill AP and NATS. The most important part to mention is the fact that you can get up to 60% of revenue share, there are 5% webmaster referrals and PPS up to $35. In order to receive money through this program, you can use ACH Direct, checks, eCoin, ePayService, international wire transfer, Paxum and WebMoney, so there are many ways to receive money for sure. The last but not least is the list of the marketing tools: banners, description, flash movies, free content and hosted galleries, HPAs/FPAs and RSS feeds. The bottom line is that you will be more than satisfied with what Bad Boy Cash has to offer.
9 2015-03-02
10 Extreme Movie Cash
    It is always nice to see that there is a partnership program that has 63 porn pay sites as a part of its service. You can see the whole list below, and now we are going to focus on the tools that this program, which has been around since 2000, has to offer. First of all, let's mention that the tools it uses in marketing purposes are more than useful and they include banners, videos that you can download, embedded clips, flash banners and free hosted galleries, which is always a good idea to use. The ways to receive money include checks, wires and Paxum. The revenue share within Extreme Movie Cash is up to 50%, plus there are webmaster referrals that are set at ten percent. If you are curious what script is used, it is NATS, which is definitely one of the most commonly used ones.
63 2015-03-02
11 Real Bucks
    So many porn sites with horny naked teens, gorgeous mature women, gays, twinks, hunks, lesbians and all that and much more as a part of the partnership program called Real Bucks. This is where you can browse sites such as All Twinks Here, Mature Debutants, Cute Joy, World Gay, Banged Moms, Moms Got Cream, Dirty Smokers, Bet On Lesbian Sex, New Porn Talents, and many more. You can see the complete list below. It is crucial to mention that as a part of this program you will get revenue share from 50 to 60%, there are all kinds of bonuses and prizes, and also 5% webmaster referrals. Domestic wire, international wire transfer and Paxum are some of the ways to receive money via this great partnership program. If you are curious what scripts it uses, they are called CCBill AP and NATS.
51 2015-03-02