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1 Fucking Cash
    Fucking Cash is one of the most popular partnership programs in the adult industry, and there are many reasons for that. First of all, they are specialized in teen porn paysites featuring naked teens who love to have hardcore sex. Some of the websites that are promoted using Fucking Cash are Teen Porn Storage, Exclusive Teen Porn, Just Teens Porn, Candies Club, Fucking Young, HD Teens Video... Secondly, Fucking Cash offers great marketing tools, and we're talking about amazing baners, embedded videos, FHG tools, full stats, reviews, RSS feeds, the best FHGs, promo updates on a weekly basis. On the payouts list you will find checks, ePayService, Paxum, WebMoney and wires, and if you want to know what program types Fucking Cash offers, here it is: revenue share between 50 and 70 percent, which is great. One hundred dollars per active webmaster referral, and that is not something other similar programs will offer, plus 10% for webmaster referrals. The script that Fucking Cash uses is AWM script. In one sentence, Fucking Cash is highly rated and there is a long list of reasons for it.
14 2015-02-25
2 Nubiles
    There is no doubt that you have already heard of Nubiles. This partnership program is on the top of the ones that you need to try if you have an adult website. On we give you a list of the most valuable ones, and here is why this one is on the list. When it comes to the program script, the one that you can use here is CCBill Ap, and one of the crucial facts that we have to mention is that there is a revenue share of fifty percent, plus you will get 10% webmaster referrals. In the end, when the money needs to be received, the whole process can be done by using checks and wire transfers. Before all that, you need to use some of the useful marketing tools in order for the business to grow. Some of the most efficient on Nubiles are banners, embedded FLVs, free hosted galleries, hosted blogs, HPAs/FPAs, mobile tools, page peels, RSS feeds, TGP plugin and tube script. As you can see on the very popular porn sites with lots of teens such as Nubiles and Nubiles Mobile that are very highly rated, this partnership program is being used very well.
2 2018-01-04
3 Paper Street Cash
    When a certain partnership program has 28 websites on its list, you know that it has to be good. That is the case with Paper Street Cash. It is a relatively new program and it has been offering its services since 2012. Team Skeet, Innocent High, Oye Loca, She Fucked Up, Exxxtra Small, The Girl Sucks, Titty Attack. These are only some of the porn paysites where you can watch thousands of horny naked teens and MILFs ready to have hardcore sex. Here is some useful info about the partner: the marketing tools that it offers are pretty standard but very useful (banners, FHG, full referral stats and tube site promo). Receiving money is easy with Paper Street Cash since you can choose between checks, Paxum and wires. The script that it uses is NATS, and we are more than sure that you will like the program type. Paper Street Cash offers revenue share up to 70%, 200 dollars per one active webmaster referral and PPS up to $40. When you put all this together, one thing is clear - Paper Street Cash is a partnership program for the adult industry that can be more than useful for you.
37 2015-02-26
4 Sex Tronix
    Rated 81.9, Sex Tronix is on top of the list of partnership programs in the adult industry. When you take a look at the list of the porno websites that use it, you will easily understand why this program is so popular. We're talking about very highly rated XXX sites such as X Video Base, 18 Passport, Russian Teens Club, Hentai Dreams, Free Latina Passport, Free Amateur Passport, Teen 18 Lesbians, Beach Erotica, etc. There are 140 porn sites on the list, which is not something other similar partnership programs have to offer. This one has been around since 2013, it has great tools that you can use in marketing purposes, such as banners, flash movies, free content and hosted galleries (FHG), hosted TGPs, RSS feeds and white label mobile sites. On the other hand, when you want to receive money, you can do it in these four ways: checks, Paxum, Payoneer and wire transfers. The program type in the Sex Tronix partnership looks like this: $40 PPS, 10% referrals for webmasters, $75 bonus Fridays and revenue share of 70%. That is why you can find this program more than useful.
140 2015-02-26
5 Sapphic Cash
    Naked teens slowly taking their clothes off and posing for the camera, waiting to put their fingers to use and play with other college lesbians. If you have been browsing the great porn websites such as Sapphic Erotica, In Focus Girls, Only Cuties or Hannas Honeypot, chances are that you have seen all the benefits of the Sapphic Cash partnership program. It is very highly rated (91/100), it has been around since 2002, and it has a lot to offer. On top of the list are the marketing tools such as banners, and also flash banners, but what we like a lot is this: free content, FHG and sites with free hosting as well. When it comes to the ads, there are half and full page ads, plus page peels. The payout options include Europayment, wire transfers and Paxum. This means that you have plenty of payout options to choose from, and also let's not forget about the progarm's type. Sapphic Cash offers revenue share of 50 to 70 percent, which puts him on top of other similar programs. That is not all since there is five percent webmaster referrals.
4 2015-02-26
6 Manica Money
    Manica Money was launched in 2002 and it is a partnership program that can make you a nice amount of money if you know how to implement its features. Some of which include marketing tools like banners, RSS feeds and free hosted galleries. There is also revenue share set at 50%, plus there are webmaster referrals of ten percent. If affiliate marketing is what you prefer, it will be useful for you to hear that there are two options to receive money with Manica Money: checks and wires. This program is rated 88.1 on and it is covering 24 porn sites. On that list you can find WCP Club, Porn XN, Lust Cinema, Stiffia, Puta Locura...
24 2016-04-13
7 Get Right Cash
    When you have 56 sites in the partnership program, you can tell that you are dealing with a serious partner who can make you a lot of money, and of course, you will do the same for him. Some of the porn sites that you can find in here are bringing the best naked teen models ready to have wild hardcore sex, but there are also gorgeous MILFs who are experienced and ready to show some skills. All Teenage Porn, Pee Young, 3D Mature Orgies, Moms Lessons, Home Mature Classes, Lesbi Mature Orgies, Boys Fist Moms, Nylon Strapon... These are only some of the great xxx sites that are under the umbrella of Get Right Cash. This partnership program was launched in 1999, it is offering $25-35 PPS, revenue share from 50 to 65 percent and also 20 percent webmaster referrals. If you want to know more about the marketing tools, here they are: TGP plugin, full referral statistics, free hosting, FHG and free content, FHG creator, exit traffic, description and banners. All in all, Get Right Cash is rated 85, it has been around for a long time and it can fulfill your needs.
56 2016-03-08
8 True Beauty Cash
    True Beauty Cash is a partnership program that was launched in 2007 and it is one of those that you will love to use in order to make some money as a part of the affiliate network. It has a lot of marketing tools such as standard ones: banners, description and flash movies, plus there is free content, free hosted galleries, image of the day, RSS feeds, etc. In order to receive money, you can use checks and wires, and some of the ways to make money include revenue share of 50%, webmaster referrals of 5 percent. If you want to know what script True Beauty Cash uses, it is CCBill AP. There are five sites under its umbrella and you can see the whole list below.
7 2016-02-04
9 Insane Bucks
8 2016-02-02
10 Perfect Gonzo
    You have definitely heard of Perfect Gonzo since it is one of the most popular partners in the adult industry. It is covering eleven sites and some of those are All Internal, Prime Cups, Give Me Pink, Perfect Gonzo, Ass Traffic, Sperm Swap, Cum For Cover... If you want to learn more about this partner, you should visit their site, but we will tell you that there are many nice and useful marketing tools that you can use: tube site promo, free hosted galleries, and free content, plus all kinds of banners. The program offers 25 dollars PPS. A word or two regarding the payouts - there are the options that you have: ACH Direct, checks, Paxum and wires.
11 2015-12-03
11 Fetish Hits
247 2015-06-15
12 Silvercash
    Why is Silvercash such a good partnership program? There is a long list of reasons for this, and one of the most important ones is the fact that it has been in the business since 1999, which is really a long period of time. It is rated 91.3 which puts it on the top of the partnerships on Have you heard of the HD Porn Pass porn site? It is only one of 66 sites on which you can see sexy naked teens ready for hardcore banging. Some other sites include Busty Solos, Anal Hell, Video Seekers, Trans Sexualz, Simple Fucks, Hot Teens Kissins, Want Wendy. For a partnership program to be good, it is important to have good marketing tools and Silvercash offers banners, free content, also the hosting and hosted galleries and sites are also free, there are full stats as well. You can receive money via checks and wire transfers, which is pretty standard, and when it comes to the payouts, you will get 30 USD PPS and in some cases even $50, depending on what is it that you choose. Check this out, the revenue share goes up to 70%, which is one of the additional reasons why you will not regret when you choose the Silvercash partnership program.
66 2015-06-05
13 Pimp Boss
    We are happy to give you one of the best new partnership programs on It is called Pimp Boss and it has been around since 2014. There are 14 adult pay sites included with the partnership and some of those are X Movie Zone, Teen 18 Exposed, Pimp Password, Glamour Blowjobs, Go Go Pornstars. One of the reasons why Pimp Boss is rated 86.1 is the fact that it has a nice list of marketing tools, plus the revenue share is set at 50 percent. When it comes to the webmaster referrals, they will give you a profit of ten percent. The bottom line is that there is room for improvement of this program, but at the same time, it is offering a lot to its partners.
14 2015-06-03
14 Reboot Cash
    Reboot Cash is all about French porn, and this program is definitely one of a kind. If you want the best sex videos and photos from this part of Europe, there is no time for wasting since all you have to do is use it and make money now. Like many others, this adult partner offers banners and other marketing tools that can be more than helpful if you want to attract visitors to your website. You should use RSS feeds and other similar ones in order to make your website more interesting. There is no doubt that French porn models are becoming more popular lately, and that is only an additional reason to start thinking about this partner in more detail. All in all, Reboot Cash can bring a lot of value for this amount of money, so we think that you should definitely use what it has to offer.
Present In Niches:
European Glamour HD Porn Videos
1 2015-04-26
15 David Nudes Cash
    David Nudes Cash is an adult partnership program that is covering porn sites such as: All Girl Nude Massage, Art Nude Tattoos, Big Boob Worship, David-Nudes, Happy Naked Teen Girls, HD Studio Nudes, Naked Gym Girls, Secret Nudist Girls, Soft Orgasms and Sweet Nature Nudes. If these are the XXX sites that you want to promote, you need to know the following details. David Nudes Cash offers 50% payouts as revenue share. When it comes to the webmaster referral program, there is five percent revenue and also cross sell specials between sites in the network of $5. In order to use this program as best as you can, you need to put their marketing tools to use and some of those include banners, free hosted galleries, embedded videos, RSS Feeds and many others. The bottom line is that if you're into erotic and romance, there is no doubt that you will love this partner.
10 2015-04-04
16 Blazing Bucks
    There is no doubt that if you are into sexy naked teen models and you want to make some money through adult partnership programs, this is what you need to do - join Blazing Bucks. This program was launched in 2011, it has 24 porn pay sites under its umbrella, and we are more than sure that you have heard of some of those: My XXX Pass, 1000 Facials, Only Teen Blowjobs, Throated, Aaliyah Love, Mommy Blows Best, Dylar Rider, Ashley Fires... Enough about the XXX sites, let's talk some business. Blazing Bucks offers you revenue share of 50%, plus you will receive 30 dollars per one member. There is also 10 percent webmaster referrals, and if you are interested to learn what script this program is using, it is AWM. Banners, description, custom requests, embedded videos, flash banners, promo codes. That is all that you will find under Blazing Bucks. You can use checks, wires, Paxum and Payoneer in order to receive money.
31 2015-03-24
17 FEMJOY Cash
1 2015-03-16
18 Spunky Cash
    It is always a pleasure to see a good partnership program that was launched in 2015. This means that it is fresh new and ready to start making you some money. What you can do is use its marketing tools in order to attract visitors to your website, and some of those include banners, free hosted galleries, RSS feeds, XML feeds, etc. The good thing about Spunky Cash is that it offers 50% revenue share, plus there are ten percent webmaster referrals as a part of the program. In order to receive the spunky cash you make, to put it this way, you can request checks and wires. These are always the best methods. The program is covering 44 paysites, which is a nice start!
44 2015-03-11
19 Nubile Films
    Gorgeous naked teens having wild sex and taking mean long hard dicks up their tight vaginas. That is what you can see on most of the porn sites that are covered by this program. Some of those include Nubiles Porn, Petite HD Porn, Moms Teach Sex, etc. There are five porn sites included with the program, you can also use the marketing skills that it has to offer, such as banners, embedded videos, free hosted galleries, RSS feeds, tube site promo... The revenue share is 50 percent, which is quite standard, and so are the payout options, such as checks, Paxum and wires. This program has been around since 2012 and it is rated pretty high on our site, and the rating it has is 90.
5 2015-03-10
20 Ferro Cash
    Ferro Cash is a partnership program that offers 59 adult sites under its umbrella and it is one of those that you can use in order to make some money easily. All you have to do is put their tools into action, and we have to highlight that the list of tools is quite impressive: banners, embedded videos, free hosting and FHGs, page peels, POTD and MOTD, RSS feeds. There are three options to receive the money: checks, Paxum & ePayService. Here is the main part of the review: Ferro Cash offers revenue share of 50%, which is pretty standard and it is definitely not impressive, but what is impressive is the fact that there is revenue share of 50%, plus there is a bonus of 150 dollars per active webmaster referral.
59 2015-03-10