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1 Money Cult
    There are many partnership programs for the triple X industry, and there is no doubt that Money Cult is one of the highest rated ones. When you take a look at the sites that are using this program to promote itself, you will find very popular porn websites where you can see a lot of naked sexy teens having wild sex. Some of these include: Amour Angels, Showy Beauty and Teen Art Club. Let's talk a little bit about what really matters, and that is revenue share. It is 50% on Money Cult. Other than that, for every active webmaster referral, you can receive $100 and there is also a ten percent webmaster referrals offer in here. If we talk about the marketing tools on Money Cult, here are some of the best ones: banners, custom tours, embedded videos, free content, HPAs/FPAs, micro rotator, RSS feeds, weekly promo updates. As you can see, it is rated 95.2 which is almost perfect, and we are sure that with this partnership program you will fulfill all your business needs.
3 2015-02-25
2 ZBuckz
    We like to review partnership programs that have been around for a short period of time and there is no doubt that ZBuckz is one of those. It was launched in 2015, but even though it is a new one, there are 40 xxx sites under its umbrella. The program's type includes 50% revenue share and if you are interested in webmaster referrals, we need to underline that they are set at pretty standard ten percent. When it comes to the marketing tools that you can use, ZBuckz offers banners, free hosted galleries, RSS feeds, etc. It is one of the programs that is very promising and we are sure that you will be satisfied by its services and the amount of money that can help you make.
40 2016-04-23
3 Radical Cash
    Radical Cash is a partnership program that has been around since 2004, it is covering 23 porn sites with delicious naked teens ready to have wild sex, and it has a very nice set of tools that you can use in marketing purposes. You can see the list below as a part of our review here on The Pay Sites dot com. We would like to mention that when you have a partner who is covering porn sites like Cali Teens, Aneta Buena, My Girl Boobs, San Diego Latinas, Carola Cott, there is no doubt that you are up for a treat, plus you can make some money as well. You can do that by using the revenue share of 50%, plus there are webmaster referrals of ten percent. Radical Cash is a program that can be better in general, but when it comes to making money, we're more than sure that you'll find it acceptable.
23 2016-04-21
4 Class Affiliates
    Class Affiliates has been around since 2004, and since it is still popular, that says more than words. Still, it is a good idea to mention why this partnership program is still among the top rated ones. It offers 50% revenue share, there are 5% webmaster referrals, the program uses the AWM script, you can receive the money via checks and wires, plus there are cool features that you can use in marketing purposes in order to get the most out of this program. The seven sites that you can find under this program are: Sensual Girl, Class Nudes, Oldje, Subspace Land, Class Blowjob, Class 3some, Brutal Catfight. The bottom line is that this partner is more than reliable, and it has a lot to offer in order to make a good deal in the affiliate adult industry.
7 2016-03-28
5 Just Nude Partners
1 2016-03-28
6 Wow Dollars
2 2016-02-23
7 X-Cash
Present In Niches:
Glamour Hardcore Nude Photography
1 2016-02-15
8 DDG Cash
2 2016-02-09
9 UTG Networks Affiliates
9 2016-02-06
10 Ron Harris Cash
4 2016-02-06
11 Glamour Dollars
3 2016-02-05
12 True Beauty Cash
    True Beauty Cash is a partnership program that was launched in 2007 and it is one of those that you will love to use in order to make some money as a part of the affiliate network. It has a lot of marketing tools such as standard ones: banners, description and flash movies, plus there is free content, free hosted galleries, image of the day, RSS feeds, etc. In order to receive money, you can use checks and wires, and some of the ways to make money include revenue share of 50%, webmaster referrals of 5 percent. If you want to know what script True Beauty Cash uses, it is CCBill AP. There are five sites under its umbrella and you can see the whole list below.
7 2016-02-04
13 Zemani Partners
Present In Niches:
Glamour Nude Photography Softcore
1 2016-02-04
14 Ero Babe Cash
2 2016-02-04
15 Morey Studio Partners
Present In Niches:
Glamour Nude Photography Softcore
1 2016-02-04
16 Nice Ratios
    When you have a great partnership program started in 2008 and rated 72 on, that means that you are up for something that is worth your attention. That is the case with Nice Ratios, one of the partners that has a lot of marketing tools to offer: banners, free hosted galleries, IM ads, RSS feeds, tube videos... The ways to make some money include 30 dollars per sign up, revenue share of 50% and you will also get 100 USD per active webmaster referral. The good thing about the program is that there are five ways to receive the money: checks, wires, Paxum, OKPay and Payoneer. We're more than sure that you will be satisfied with all that Nice Ratios has to provide.
20 2016-01-26
17 JAV Bucks
15 2015-05-29
18 Reboot Cash
    Reboot Cash is all about French porn, and this program is definitely one of a kind. If you want the best sex videos and photos from this part of Europe, there is no time for wasting since all you have to do is use it and make money now. Like many others, this adult partner offers banners and other marketing tools that can be more than helpful if you want to attract visitors to your website. You should use RSS feeds and other similar ones in order to make your website more interesting. There is no doubt that French porn models are becoming more popular lately, and that is only an additional reason to start thinking about this partner in more detail. All in all, Reboot Cash can bring a lot of value for this amount of money, so we think that you should definitely use what it has to offer.
Present In Niches:
European Glamour HD Porn Videos
1 2015-04-26
19 Gravure Cash
1 2015-04-05
20 David Nudes Cash
    David Nudes Cash is an adult partnership program that is covering porn sites such as: All Girl Nude Massage, Art Nude Tattoos, Big Boob Worship, David-Nudes, Happy Naked Teen Girls, HD Studio Nudes, Naked Gym Girls, Secret Nudist Girls, Soft Orgasms and Sweet Nature Nudes. If these are the XXX sites that you want to promote, you need to know the following details. David Nudes Cash offers 50% payouts as revenue share. When it comes to the webmaster referral program, there is five percent revenue and also cross sell specials between sites in the network of $5. In order to use this program as best as you can, you need to put their marketing tools to use and some of those include banners, free hosted galleries, embedded videos, RSS Feeds and many others. The bottom line is that if you're into erotic and romance, there is no doubt that you will love this partner.
10 2015-04-04