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1 Royal Cash
    One thing that you need to know about that Royal Cash partnership program is that they specialize in teen porn websites. You can check the efficiency of this program on paysites such as Teen Mega World, Home Porn Bay, Teen Sex Movs, No Boring, WMB Girls, Teen Sex Mania, etc. The list of the websites is quite long. Here is why: this program was launched back in 2005 and it has 45 sites under its name, which is very impressive. It is rated 88.2 on our website, and there are many reasons for it. Some of the marketing tools that you can use are banners, description, embedded videos, free galleries and hosting, blogs, member area access, RSS feeds, promo updates... Not too many partnership programs offer so many payout options: ACH/direct, checks, eCoin, ePayService, Paxum, WebMoney, wires. Regarding the program type, Royal Cash offers revenue share up to 60%, there are five percent webmaster referrals, 100 dollars per one active webmaster referral, and the script that it uses is AWM script.
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42 2019-01-04
2 Kinky Dollars
    We always like to review partners who are not in the business for a long period of time. One of those is Kinky Dollars. It has been around since 2013, it is covering 36 very popular porn sites (Kinky On Demand, Hog Tied, Fucking Machines, Device Bondage...). As you can see, these sites are mostly dedicated to those of you who are into BDSM and similar fetishes. The marketing tools that you can use in order to make some money with this program include banners, embedded FLVs, free content and free hosted galleries, there are also RSS feeds, etc. After making money, you will have four options of receiving it: checks, Paxum, domestic and international wires. The program type includes very good features, that you can see below, and the bottom line is that Kinky Dollars has a lot to offer and that is why it is rated 89.8 on The Pay Sites dot com!
36 2019-01-04
3 Nubiles
    There is no doubt that you have already heard of Nubiles. This partnership program is on the top of the ones that you need to try if you have an adult website. On we give you a list of the most valuable ones, and here is why this one is on the list. When it comes to the program script, the one that you can use here is CCBill Ap, and one of the crucial facts that we have to mention is that there is a revenue share of fifty percent, plus you will get 10% webmaster referrals. In the end, when the money needs to be received, the whole process can be done by using checks and wire transfers. Before all that, you need to use some of the useful marketing tools in order for the business to grow. Some of the most efficient on Nubiles are banners, embedded FLVs, free hosted galleries, hosted blogs, HPAs/FPAs, mobile tools, page peels, RSS feeds, TGP plugin and tube script. As you can see on the very popular porn sites with lots of teens such as Nubiles and Nubiles Mobile that are very highly rated, this partnership program is being used very well.
2 2018-01-04
4 Mofos Cash
    Here is the big MOFOS network, and it has a partnership program called Mofos Cash. As a part of the program, you can see thirteen porn sites such as Mofos Network, Shes A Freak, Milfs Like It Black, Mofos Worldwide, Pervs On Patrol, I Know That Girl, Latina Sex Tapes... Mofos Cash has been in the business since 2008, it is rated 85.2 out of 100 on, and what we want to mention in the beginning is that the marketing tools that it has to offer include banners, embedded videos, flash banners, free content and hosted galleries, plus there is hosted tube. When talking about a partnership program, it is more than crucial to mention that you can receive money via checks and also you can use wire transfer. What is the revenue share, you might ask. Let us tell you that with the Mofos Cash partnership program you can expect to get up to 60%, and there is also 35 USD PPS. That is not all since for an active webmaster referral, you can receive $100.
15 2018-01-04
5 Ama Kings
    AMA Kings is built on more than 10 years of experience in the adult industry. Over the last several years we became heavily involved in amateur sites built up a huge network of user-submitted communities. The next logical step was to monetize that traffic with our own paysites which we found convert better than anything else in the amateur space. Now we opened the program up to let other webmasters like you get in on the action! Sign up now to start earning MORE from your amateur / teen traffic than you thought possible!
29 2016-09-20
6 Really Useful Cash
    Really Useful Cash is a great partnership program that offers all kinds of marketing tools, some of them are pretty standard but still you have to use them if you want to make some money. The revenue share is 50% for life, there is 10% webmaster referral payout, plus you will always get the support that you need. Some of the sites that this program is covering are,, KissingHD,, Girlfriends, Fake Hospital, etc. All in all, we are more than sure that you will find what you need in here and that you will be more than satisfied with what it has to offer.
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0 2016-09-20
7 Spooky Cash
    If you prefer using the services of new partnership programs, we recommend trying Spooky Cash. This partner has been around since 2013 and it is covering nine adult websites. Blue Blood, Erotic Fandom, Gothic Sluts, Barely Evil... These are some of the paysites that you will find under its umbrella. There is a nice list of tools that you can use in marketing purposes, such as banners, FHG, hosted blogs and TGPs... In order to make money, the Spooky Cash program offers 50% revenue share and webmaster referrals set at ten percent. After making some money, you will be able to receive it by checks or by requesting a wire transfer. If you are interested in the scripts that it is using, those are CCBill AP and EpochStats.
9 2016-04-23
8 ZBuckz
    We like to review partnership programs that have been around for a short period of time and there is no doubt that ZBuckz is one of those. It was launched in 2015, but even though it is a new one, there are 40 xxx sites under its umbrella. The program's type includes 50% revenue share and if you are interested in webmaster referrals, we need to underline that they are set at pretty standard ten percent. When it comes to the marketing tools that you can use, ZBuckz offers banners, free hosted galleries, RSS feeds, etc. It is one of the programs that is very promising and we are sure that you will be satisfied by its services and the amount of money that can help you make.
40 2016-04-23
9 Penthouse Partners
    Penthouse Partners is ready to talk business and this program is one of very interesting ones, even tho it has only one adult paysite to offer - This site is dedicated to everyone who loves to watch gorgeous teen naked models posing in tight fitting classy dresses, sexy lingerie, high heels, and to slowly get naked for your eyes only. Even tho this program has been around for ever, since 1997, it is still competitive with other similar ones. rates it 88.3 / 100, and one of the reasons for this is the fact that there is 50% recur (payout we choose) - this is what you can see on their official website. Also, when it comes to the upsell program, you get 5% of the sales. The payout options include wires and checks. The bottom line is that there is no way you will not be satisfied with the Penthouse Partners program since it offers a lot and it covers one of the best glamour/erotic sites.
Present In Niches:
1 2016-04-23
10 Web Cash Maker
    If you like naked sexy teens and money, we have something special for you. Web Cash Maker is a partnership program that is covering five porn sites: Teenage Decadence, Non-Nude Girls, Xposing, Herself Pics, Harmony 18. Not only that you will offer your website visitors great content, but at the same time you can take advantage of the marketing tools it is offering, such as banners, FHGs, RSS feeds, etc. The revenue share is set at fifty percent, and the webmaster referrals are ten percent, which is quite standard, but still enough for you to make a decent amount of money, that you can receive afterwards via checks and wires.
5 2016-04-23
11 Riot Cash
    Riot Cash is one of the partners that you need to pay attention to. It is new, it is fresh and more than ready to make you some money. This program was launched in 2015 and it already has nice ratings. The fact that it is covering three porn sites is not making it look great, but as we said, they are in the beginning, and it is fair to say that you can expect to see them grow. What they have to offer for now are cool and useful tools that you can use in order to attract people to your website, like banners, FHGs, free content... Here is how it all works when it comes to making money - the revenue share is set at 50%, plus there are webmaster referrals of ten percent. The good thing about Riot Cash is that you can always request checks or wires when you want to receive money that you've made.
3 2016-04-23
12 Dutch Teen Cash
    Even though Dutch Teen Cash was launched in 2015, it already has a lot to offer. We are talking about some great marketing tools (banners, free hosted galleries, free content, RSS feeds), plus there are other things that you can take advantage of in order to make some money. The revenue share is set at 50%, there are webmaster referrals of ten percent. After you make money, you can request checks and wires from Dutch Teen Cash and they will send those to you. It is all very clean and simple, it is one of the best programs that will appear on the internet sky for sure, and you better be there to take the front row seat.
4 2016-04-23
13 Digital Angel Dollar
    It is nice to see a new partnership program that has been around since 2015, which means that it is totally fresh, and if that is what you are looking for, we have something for you. The program is called Digital Angel Dollar, and it is covering five adult pay sites. In order to make some money, you can use its features like 50% revenue share, ten percent webmaster referrals, plus there are some standard tools that you can use in marketing purposes to attract visitors to your website. The bottom line is that Digital Angel Dollars is one of the partners with a lot of features to offer and that means there is a good opportunity for you to make a nice amount of cash.
6 2016-04-23
14 Favourite Cash
    One of the partnership programs that have been around for many years is Favourite Cash. As a part of the program, you can find many adult xxx pay sites that are definitely not similar to each other. Those include All Porn Comics, Manga Vs Hentai, 3D Sex Stories, Porn Flat, Interracial Comix... The revenue share is set at 50%, and there are webmaster referrals of ten percent. It is always a good idea to mention the marketing tools that this program has to offer, and they include banners, descriptions, free hosted galleries, etc. We like Favourite Cash, it is rated 79 on The Pay Sites dot com and it has potential to become even better and more popular soon.
12 2016-04-21
15 Premium Cash
    Premium Cash is one of the partnership programs that has been around since 2006, it has almost thirty sites under its umbrella and it offers a lot of great marketing tools and percentages, to put it this way. Let's start with the tools that you can use. There are banners, which is quite standard, blog RSS feeds, descriptions, free content, along with free hosted galleries FHG, and tube videos. We are sure that you are curious to learn more about the payout options, and on Premium Cash you can choose between checks and wire transfers. The programs offer 50% rev-share, which means that they will send you this percentage of every initial membership and 50% of all rebills for the lifetime of the membership. There is also a reward in a form of 35 USD per signup, for all the sites of the program. Five percent webmaster referral is also something that you can expect to get from Premium Cash. The porn paysites that are on the list include All Premium Pass, Alanah Rae, Nina Hartley, Ann Marie Rios, Brandy Talore VIP, and many other popular gorgeous models.
29 2016-04-21
16 Radical Cash
    Radical Cash is a partnership program that has been around since 2004, it is covering 23 porn sites with delicious naked teens ready to have wild sex, and it has a very nice set of tools that you can use in marketing purposes. You can see the list below as a part of our review here on The Pay Sites dot com. We would like to mention that when you have a partner who is covering porn sites like Cali Teens, Aneta Buena, My Girl Boobs, San Diego Latinas, Carola Cott, there is no doubt that you are up for a treat, plus you can make some money as well. You can do that by using the revenue share of 50%, plus there are webmaster referrals of ten percent. Radical Cash is a program that can be better in general, but when it comes to making money, we're more than sure that you'll find it acceptable.
23 2016-04-21
17 Buddy Profits
    Buddy Profits is a partnership program for those of you who are looking for a completely new program. It was launched in 2015, which is not something that you can see often. The revenue share is set at 50 percent, and when it comes to webmaster referrals, they are 10%. It is covering 42 porn sites, and some of those are Raging Stallion, Next Door Buddies, Pride Studios, Boyz Party, Male Digital, Active Duty... Yes, it is all about gay sex action and amazing porn videos and pictures. Buddy Profits is very good, especially because of the fact that gay porn sells better than ever and there is no doubt that you will find interest in it and that you will be able to make some money in no time.
42 2016-04-21
18 Fetish Bucks
    If you like these porn sites and if you like money, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with the Fetish Bucks partnership program. The paysites are Barbi Sinclair, Cuckolds, Interracial Sex, Call Your Husband, Dark Cavern. This program is one of those that you will love to use in order to make some money, and there are multiple way of doing it. First, you can put the marketing tools to use and some of those include banners, free hosted galleries, descriptions and RSS feeds. You will receive 50 percent revenue share and ten percent webmaster referrals, which should be more than enough if you want to make some money. After that, when you want to receive it, you can do it via checks and wires. All in all, Fetish Bucks is a program that will suit your needs like no other.
5 2016-04-13
19 Digital Playground Cash
    When you have a partner whose program was launched in 2014, you have to learn more about it since it is a new one. In a case of Digital Playground Cash, we have to underline that this one is covering six porn sites (Digital Playground, BiBi Jones, Jesse Jane, Selena Rose XXX, etc). Its program type is pretty standard, which means that revenue share is set at 50%, plus you can benefit from webmaster referrals which is 10%. Digital Playground Cash has a nice set of tools that you can use in order to attract visitors, and some of them include banners, free hosted galleries, RSS feeds, hosted blogs.. Even though it is a new partnership program, it is rated 87.9, which is pretty high.
6 2016-04-13
20 Manica Money
    Manica Money was launched in 2002 and it is a partnership program that can make you a nice amount of money if you know how to implement its features. Some of which include marketing tools like banners, RSS feeds and free hosted galleries. There is also revenue share set at 50%, plus there are webmaster referrals of ten percent. If affiliate marketing is what you prefer, it will be useful for you to hear that there are two options to receive money with Manica Money: checks and wires. This program is rated 88.1 on and it is covering 24 porn sites. On that list you can find WCP Club, Porn XN, Lust Cinema, Stiffia, Puta Locura...
24 2016-04-13