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Idol Bucks
Idol Bucks
Idol Bucks Partner

Specialized in Asian teen naked girls, a lot of sucking action, bukkake group parties, Japanese models ready to have wild sex, Idol Bucks is a partnership program that has been offering its services since 2008. The revenue share in this program is 60%, there is PPS up to 35 USD, and that is what puts it on the top of the similar programs on our site. There are five methods for payouts, and that is not something you can see too often. We are talking about standard checks and wires, plus Idol Bucks offers eCoin, ePayService and Payoneer. In order to be successful, you have to use the marketing tools properly and what Idol Bucks offers is the following: member area access, hosted blogs, free hosting, and here is what else is free - content, hosted galleries and sites. Some of the sites that are covered by this partnership program are All Japanese Pass, Idols 69, Public Sex Japan, J SchoolGirls, Big Tits Tokyo, Anal Nippon, Office Sex Jp, Bukkake Now, Tokyo Bang... The total of 23 porn paysites included.

Niches:   Amateur   Anal   Anime   Asian   Big Boobs   Bizarre   Blowjobs   Bukkake   Communities   Cream Pies   Cum Shots   Fetish   Gangbangs   General   Hardcore   Hentai   Mature   MILF   Outdoor   Public Nudity   Reality   Shaved   Uniforms   Videos   Young Adults  
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All Japanese Pass


Content (max 100)
Pic Quality79.01
Pic Quantity85.00.9
Pic Size78.00.7
Vid Quality90.00.9
Vid Quantity97.00.9
Vid Format75.00.1
Design (max 100)
Other (max 100)

Marketing Tools
Free Content
Free Hosted Galleries
Free Hosted Sites
Free Hosting
Hosted Blogs
Member area access


Program's type
PPS up to $35
Revenue share: up to 60%

Program Script

Site Launched: 2008-06-01
Listed Date: 2013-08-20
Facts Updated: 2015-02-26

Partner Info
Sites: 23
Link: Idol Bucks

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Idol Bucks



All Japanese Pass
Score: 84.6
All Japanese Pass Date: 2015-03-14
All Japanese Pass is a collection of Idol Bucks’s Asian fetish sites, which bring softcore, hardcore and other niche videos and pictures for the viewer. All Japanese Pass brings all of the 21 network site’s content under one roof, which makes it a really huge site! All kinds of Japanese and Asian porn can be seen here with Asian babes of all ages and types. You get all of this on the site, which has a pretty good design, it feels and looks really professional, it is a site on which you’ll love spending time! The navigation is good too, it helps a lot when browsing the site’s huge amount of video and picture content!

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Niches: Asian   General   Hardcore   Videos  
Idols 69
Score: 82.5
Idols 69 Date: 2015-03-24
Idols 69 is a pretty good Asian fetish site, which features hot and horny Asian babes, who are doing really diverse hard and softcore scenes in the site. Asian chicks from all ages can be seen on the site’s video and picture content doing all kinds of stirring actions. The site has a pretty standard deign with a decent layout. It doesn’t really offers extra things when it comes to the looks of the site, it is a basic adult site like so many out there… You will find lots of categories and content filtering options, that will make your life much simpler!

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Niches: Asian   Hardcore  
Jp Milfs
Score: 81.5
Jp Milfs Date: 2015-04-18 is another great Asian niche site, on which you will see stunning Asian milfs in the videos. Like on so many other network sites, sadly the pictures are not present but the amount and quality of videos will make up for the loss… The design is really great, since it has basically the standard network design, things can’t be bad, they have only made a few small modifications with the colors and basically that’s it! It remained light and simple, while providing enough info for the members! Great stuff here guys!

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Niches: Asian   Mature   MILF  
Japanese Cosplay
Score: 81.1
Japanese Cosplay Date: 2015-04-25
J CosPlay is Japanese CosPlay, so the content isn’t a secret no more… On the site, you will see stunning Japanese and Asian babes who dress up into sexy uniforms to be a sexy hentai or anime, or game character. Since these characters are really sexy in the virtual reality, the babes have to be just as sexy, so you can be sure that you’ll be left speechless! Like so almost all of the Idol Bucks network sites, this one has its general design, which is a blast! It is simple, light and informative at the same time. It has the right ratio of texts and sample images, so it has a really good layout!

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Niches: Asian   Fetish   Uniforms   Young Adults  
18 Tokyo
Score: 80.0
18 Tokyo Date: 2015-04-29
For the Asian niche lovers, we introduce 18 Tokyo, which is a really great Asian teen site, where these sexy Asian teens do all kinds of crazy hardcore scenes. The majority of Asian porn sites offer you censured porn, where you can’t see the penetration or the intimate body parts, here on “18 Tokyo” you the action is uncensored and everything is visible. The babes are really hot, the action is nasty hardcore porn, and all of this is available on a site that has a great youthful design, that is light and simple! The content is in focus, and you get just the right ration of sample pictures and texts on the site, which makes it really great!

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Niches: Amateur   Asian   Young Adults  
Public Sex Japan
Score: 79.3
Public Sex Japan Date: 2015-04-09
The Idol Bucks network already has a site with a similar niche named, which features super hot Asian babes in great hard and softcore action in their videos, which are all shot outdoor… but Public Sex Japan takes outdoor sex to an even higher level! In these videos that you'll see here, there are some really nasty not only outdoor sex actions, but stirring public sex too! The design is pretty good! The layout is simple and user friendly, you’ll find your way on the site without any problems!

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Niches: Asian   Hardcore   Outdoor   Public Nudity  
Japanese Slurp
Score: 79.2
Japanese Slurp Date: 2015-05-08 is the Idol Bucks’s blowjob and cumshot and or facial niche site with hot Asian babes from all ages… Here you get teen babes just like sexy matures, who look absolutely phenomenal for their age! These babes blow, jerk off and suck these cocks real good, until they receive the male juice! The design is really good, it is basically the network’s standard design, but it is really top quality! It looks good, it is simple and light, what else can you ask for?

★ Read Japanese Slurp review » ★

Niches: Asian   Blowjobs   Cum Shots  
J SchoolGirls
Score: 79.1
J SchoolGirls Date: 2015-04-10 is another School/College fetish site on the Idol Bucks Network, but instead of teachers, you get to see hot and sexy schoolgirls doing these hardcore scenes in the site’s videos. We said videos, because there are no picture sets on, but well say a few words about this later… For now, let’s talk about the design! The design is pretty good actually, it is simple and light, but it is not as good as the standard network design… It is still better than an average adult site’s design, but if they haven’t made the modifications it would have been better!

★ Read J SchoolGirls review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Asian   Fetish   Young Adults  
Big Tits Tokyo
Score: 79.0
Big Tits Tokyo Date: 2015-04-10
Like the site name states, is all about big titted Asian babes, who do all kinds of soft and hardcore porn! These babes blow massive cocks, give handjobs, get their hairy cunts drilled, or they just simply tease in front of the camera… The design of is really great, it is simple, light and very professional! It has just the right amount of sample picture and text ratio, so it really looks good! The navigation is just like the design, simple and professional, so we had a good time browsing the site!

★ Read Big Tits Tokyo review » ★

Niches: Asian   Big Boobs   Hardcore  
Jp Nurse
Score: 79.0
Jp Nurse Date: 2015-05-06 is meant for those who love the clinic or nurse or uniform or the doctor niche, because here you will see stunning Japanese babes from all ages doing great hardcore and softcore scenes in nurse and doctor uniforms. These hot Asian babes do 1on1 lesbian scenes, hardcore scenes with dudes, or there are threesomes with babes and dudes or even foursomes if that is what turns you on! Like almost all of the Idol Bucks network sites, this one has the general design, which is really great! It is simple and light, it has a great layout with just the right ration of sample pictures and texts so it is really good! The navigation is just as good as the rest of the site, so you’ll have a great time while browsing the site!

★ Read Jp Nurse review » ★

Niches: Asian   Fetish   Uniforms  
Japanese Matures
Score: 78.9
Japanese Matures Date: 2015-04-30
Japanese Matures is an Asian niche site, that features hot Asian accurately Japanese milfs and matures, who do all kinds of soft and hardcore actions on the site’s video material. Sadly there are no pictures or galleries on only videos. The design is really good, it is basically the network’s general design, but since it looks really good, and it is professionally built, we don’t care that there are a ton of sites with basically the same layout!

★ Read Japanese Matures review » ★

Niches: Asian   Hardcore   Mature  
Anal Nippon
Score: 78.8
Anal Nippon Date: 2015-04-16
For those who are into the harder niche of Asian porn, we introduce Anal Nippon. This site is all about real hardcore sex, with bondage, threesomes, foursomes, nasty anal sex and double penetration… It takes hardcore to a whole new level! These Asian babes get destroyed by the hard cocks that drill their holes! Anal Nippon has a really professional design, it is just amazing! Everything looks great on the site, the menu, the sample pictures, the videos, everything! The navigation is also very good, it makes browsing the site a real pleasure!

★ Read Anal Nippon review » ★

Niches: Anal   Asian   Hardcore   Videos  
Office Sex Jp
Score: 78.7
Office Sex Jp Date: 2015-04-16 combines two really well known and beloved niches, which is the Asian fetish and the office niche! Here you will see great hardcore scenes with the hottest Japanese babes getting their pussies and asses pounded intensely in the office by their bosses. Great diverse material with a lot of hardcore action such as blowjobs, threesomes, foursomes and even orgies! The design is pretty good, there is a lot of information and there are also sample images with some scene descriptions, so you'll know what to expect from the material!

★ Read Office Sex Jp review » ★

Niches: Asian   Fetish   Uniforms  
Bukkake Now
Score: 78.4
Bukkake Now Date: 2015-04-16
Asia, and especially Japan is the home of some weird or “interesting” fetishes… Today we are reviewing a site that features the Bukkake niche… Bukakke is basically facial orgy, where one babe gets covered in cum by multiple dudes. Since there are only Asian babes on the site, we can say that it is both an Asian and a bukakke niche at the same time, so those who love facials and hot cute Asian babes will like the content found inside The site has a simple design, it is good but we have seen better amongst the network sites.

★ Read Bukkake Now review » ★

Niches: Asian   Bukkake   Cum Shots   Hardcore  
Tokyo Bang
Score: 78.4
Tokyo Bang Date: 2015-04-16 is an Asian niche site, which features hot Asian babes from all ages, doing some really nasty hardcore scenes. These babes get their hairy pink holes pounded roughly by hard cocks, sometimes even multiple ones drill them at the same time. has a pretty good design, it looks good, it has a good looking layout, plus you get all the needed info on the main page, where you’ll see the newest updates. Good looking sample pictures, and the right amount of scene desc makes the site look light and simple, which is ideal for browsing!

★ Read Tokyo Bang review » ★

Niches: Asian   Gangbangs   Hardcore  
Outdoor Jp
Score: 78.2
Outdoor Jp Date: 2015-04-18 is another Asian niche site on the Idol Bucks Network! This time these hot Asian babes are doing the hardcore scenes out in the open! As you already know by now, this site features the outdoor niche with hot Asians! The design of the site is really good, it is pretty simple, it has a good layout with the material is focus, so the site is pretty user friendly and easily usable! Lets see can they keep up the good impression!

★ Read Outdoor Jp review » ★

Niches: Asian   Hardcore   Outdoor   Public Nudity  
Jp Teacher
Score: 77.9
Jp Teacher Date: 2015-04-22
Once more we have an interesting site for you guys and girls, this time you will have great Asian and Japanese school and college fetish. features hot Japanese babes dressed up in schoolteacher uniforms, who are ready to give you a lesson in lust and sex any time! The videos you get on the site are shoot mostly in college, with students and their sexy and horny teacher in the scenes. Whether it is a public or private school or if the action takes place in a library, the things they do in the scenes is amazing! Students fucking their teacher, hot college babes playing with each other or getting pounded by their teacher’s hard cock, these can all be seen in the videos. The design is pretty much standard network design, but we noticed some changes with the layout or with the navigation “area”. Since the basic network design is so good, if they make only small changes, it doesn’t matter if it is for the better or worse, the will still look good!

★ Read Jp Teacher review » ★

Niches: Asian   Communities   Fetish   Hardcore  
Wierd Japan
Score: 77.4
Wierd Japan Date: 2015-04-29
For those who are into the Asian niche, but they would love to see some unusual scenes and things in the videos, we present Like its name states, you won’t get the usual hard or softcore porn with Asian babes on the site, but the weird and for some disturbing things and scenes. has a pretty good design, it is simple, it has enough scene description and info, plus the sample pictures make the site look good. The dark colors dominate the site with white and grey colored texts… it a pleasant experience for the eye, plus the white and black or black and white combination is always “classy”…

★ Read Wierd Japan review » ★

Niches: Asian   Bizarre   Fetish   Hardcore  
Japanese Flashers
Score: 76.3
Japanese Flashers Date: 2015-05-16
There are a lot of Asian and Japanese fetish sites, but not many of them offer material like Japanese Flashers. Here you get reality, and public nudity with some really attractive and sexy Asian babes who flash their boobs and their hairy cunts or they get fucked by studs in public places. The design of Japanese Flashers is pretty good, you get everything on a light and simply designed site, that has the right ratio of texts and sample images. It is nothing fancy or extraordinary it just looks good, while being light at the same time!

★ Read Japanese Flashers review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Asian   Public Nudity   Reality   Videos  
O Creampies
Score: 76.2
O Creampies Date: 2015-05-10
It isn’t really hard to guess what kind of content you’ll see on… The site is all about big loads of male juice in these Asian cuties hairy pussies! After a great hardcore sex, these cuties get a creampie as a reward for their fantastic performance! The design of the site is not like the general or standard network design, which is a shame if you ask us, since the original network design is better in our opinion! This site looks like a webcam site, well at least the layout looks like it… It isn’t bad, it is pretty simple and light, but they can do better!

★ Read O Creampies review » ★

Niches: Asian   Cream Pies   Hardcore  
My Race Queens
Score: 75.7
My Race Queens Date: 2015-05-11
Those who are familiar with motorsports or auto shows, know about these cuties, but now the average porn viewer will learn about the beauty and sexiness of these Racequeens! offers stirring Asian babes in these race outfits or uniforms, which looks really sexy to say the least! These babes know how to pose that’s a fact, but can they satisfy the demanding porn audience is another question! To find out, let’s review the site and let’s see what will be the verdict! For starters looks pretty good, it isn’t the usual network design, but it is simple and light so we don’t have any bad comments about its looks!

★ Read My Race Queens review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Asian   Fetish   Young Adults  
Jp Shavers
Score: 74.7
Jp Shavers Date: 2015-05-14
If you are familiar with Japanese or the Asian porn, you know that usually the babe’s pussy is hairy like a bear! But not here! On, all of the babe’s pussy is freshly shaved, and it is smooth and bare as a new born baby’s… If you ask us, this is something you can’t miss out! It makes the action and the whole experience much more desirable and stirring! To see these shaved Asian babes is just a fantastic experience! To be completely honest we were a little jealous of these dude’s in the videos! As for the design, it is pretty much the standard network design, which is not bad at all! On the contrary, it is a great thing, since it is simple, light and has a professional layout!

★ Read Jp Shavers review » ★

Niches: Asian   Hardcore   Shaved  
Score: 73.3
Puuko Date: 2015-05-17 is a site, where you get to see great diverse hardcore videos and pictures that cover a huge amount of fetishes and niches with these stunning Anime and Hentai characters from cartoons or anime movies. From the normal guy on girl hardcore, to hardcore lesbians throughout BDSM bondage with uniform fetish, and some naughty solo scenes with these sexy and horny characters, the site offers every kind of material for its members and users. The design is really great, it is simple, it provides just the right amount of info and scene desc, plus you'll see great sample pictures on the main page. The layout is simple and good, the site is very light...The navigation is how it should be, simple and easily usable.

★ Read Puuko review » ★

Niches: Anime   Hardcore   Hentai