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Who said that only men have the ability to flush out the body fluids from what everything and everybody becomes wet and sticky? Well, this superb niche couldn't exist if there is no female ejaculation. But, fortunately there is. Variety of nice and gorgeous babes sharing hot pussy fluids, teen with this amazing ability, milf on sofa soaking the carpet with literally gallons of this liquid. Indeed, liquefied chicks! We have listed up many good sites who have in offer this amazing stuff, your is only to choose the main entrance, to lay back and to enjoy the view.




Squirting Orgies
Score: 88.0
Squirting Orgies Date: 2015-06-02
Squirting Orgies is a good place where you can see hot models ejaculating while participating in a gangbang. Which makes the website really great because only pornstars with vicious squirting abilities can join it. All the content on the website is exclusive and there are no download limits except for users with a trial membership.

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Niches: Fetish   Hardcore   Squirting  
Squirt Alicious
Score: 76.5
Squirt Alicious Date: 2015-05-12
This website is fully dedicated to the female ejaculation. Watch fine young babes having orgasm and squirting all over the room. Great collection of FE with busty babes, teens, milfs, also with enjoyable hardcore actions. Superb quality of high resolution photo sets and great high quality video scenes. Professional content for bizarre and fetish lovers. Members will have access to company network also. Low cost fee, with discount offer.

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Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Hardcore   Squirting  
Squirting Virgin
Score: 72.4
Squirting Virgin Date: 2015-05-19
Squirting Virgin has nothing to do with virgin babes, but those kinds of chicks who until now haven’t squirted, not even once. Their first real squirt during orgasm is in these videos and pictures, which is a sight that you must see! These babes thought they can’t squirt, but this expert dude proves that everyone can squirt, if someone knows the techniques! The material features mostly young and younger babes in some heavy hardcore material, which you can check out on the site. The design, is nothing extraordinary, it is a basic adult site with some scene info and preview images, nothing more. It is not bad, but you probably won’t remember it for quite long.

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Niches: Fetish   Hardcore   Squirting  
Squirt 4 Real
Score: 69.0
Squirt 4 Real Date: 2015-06-06
This website is the official site of amateur Jamie James. The website features her and her passion to squirt. The female ejaculation is the prime niche in here, but Jamie is doing all the best to teach the interested girls and woman about the female ejaculation. Extra information and advices from Jamie. 100% exclusive material, very low price for monthly fee, including 3 day full access for less than $3.00.

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Niches: Fetish   Solo Models   Squirting   Toys  
Squirt Disgrace
Score: 68.9
Squirt Disgrace Date: 2015-06-03
Today we have a site that is aimed towards those who love to see mind blowing female ejaculation and squirt during their orgasm! The site is called, and in its videos and pictures you will see horny sluts who are sometimes forced and bondaged until they reach the squirting orgasm! From solo masturbation to hardcore pussy banging, bondage and sex torture, you get a lot of great scenes! The design is really good, it looks professional, it is light and user friendly! The layout is great, with the right amount of texts, video teasers and sample pictures, it gives the user just enough info to know what kind of material to expect. The navigation is the network's standard menu, which is great!

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Niches: BDSM   Fetish   Squirting  
Female Squirt
Score: 0.0
Female Squirt Date: 2015-01-04

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Niches: Fetish   Squirting   Videos  
Gush Busters
Score: 0.0
Gush Busters Date: 2015-01-04

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Niches: Fetish   Squirting   Wet N Messy  
OMG I Squirted
Score: 0.0
OMG I Squirted Date: 2015-01-04

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Niches: Fetish   Hardcore   Squirting  
Shio Fuky
Score: 0.0
Shio Fuky Date: 2015-11-07

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Niches: Asian   Fetish   Squirting  
Squirting Lesbian
Score: 0.0
Squirting Lesbian Date: 2023-08-07

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Niches: Lesbian   Squirting