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Smoking Sites Reviews

It is told that women are much better at multitasking than men, and in this category they are totally proving it. Chicks who smoke are pictured to be nasty, but when they are smoking while sucking, you know that she's a real keeper. Although the habit is not particularly healthy, who cares, as long as she's having sex while doing it. No one would mind if a crazy hot chick asks them if she could smoke while she sucks, right? These hardcore porn videos of teen age girls in heat are so freaking hot, they are smoking!




Pure Smoking
Score: 77.0
Pure Smoking Date: 2015-05-15
There are so many fetishes, both that are hardcore or extreme and some lighter ones like what offers for their members. The site is all about the smoking fetish, which is giving the members great smoke fetish in combination with hardcore adult scenes in which these smoking babes get fingered, and fucked in various positions. These hardcore scenes in the combination of the smoke fetish give a lot of interesting material for those of you who like these niches. It is something different that what you normally get in hardcore sites, so it’s worth a shot.

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Niches: Fetish   Smoking  
Smokers Erotica
Score: 75.1
Smokers Erotica Date: 2015-05-18
The Smokers Erotica site offers content related to the smoking fetish. The website is filled up with super good looking models that have the smoking habits, but they are ready to connect nicotine addiction with sexual action. Tons of photos and large amount of videos are waiting to be seen, all containing smoking habit and hardcore porn action. Limited access for three days for non members, members will receive ten additional bonus sites with the pass.

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Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Smoking  
Smoking Bunnies
Score: 74.8
Smoking Bunnies Date: 2015-05-28 is basically a softcore pose site with smoking… You have some babes who take off their clothes to pose naked while they smoke their cigar and cigarette… You’ll see some “solo” here or there, when these babes put the cigar into their pussy, and basically that is all! The site is pretty basic, it has an average design, in fact it is so average that you’ll won’t even know how it looked like after you leave the site… The navigation is pretty simple too, but it does its job well!

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Niches: Fetish   Smoking  
Smoke 4 You
Score: 71.7
Smoke 4 You Date: 2015-05-30
This adult site, is not only for those who smoke, or who are into the smoke niche, but for everyone who loves to see hardcore sex with a little extra! Remember the old movies, where every lady was smoking? When smoking was high class? Now you can relive those feelings with the help of and their smoke fetish material! During the scenes and images these babes get fingered, they get fucked in every position while smoking a cigarette or a cigar. The design is not really a masterpiece, but we could say the same for almost every Fetish Wealth site.

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Niches: Fetish   Hardcore   Smoking  
Smokin Hottie
Score: 62.1
Smokin Hottie Date: 2015-06-12
Smoking may be a nasty habit, but this luscious young girl makes it look extremely sexy. Smoking fetish is not as uncommon as you may think, and this young angel abuses it with passion. She goes to public places, and gets naked really fast while always maintaining a smoke cloud around her pretty face. You may wonder, how can a young gorgeous girl perform a sexy strip while one of her hands is always occupied with a cigarette? Here is the chance to find out for yourself!

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Niches: Amateur   Smoking   Solo Models   Young Adults  
Dirty Smokers
Score: 0.0
Dirty Smokers Date: 2015-01-07

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Niches: Fetish   Hardcore   Smoking  
Ty Endicott Online
Score: 0.0
Ty Endicott Online Date: 2015-01-03

Niches: Fetish   Hardcore   Smoking