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You think you've seen and tried it all, every kind of woman out there, blondes, brunettes, teens, whatever, but if you haven't try a teen Goth girl, you are missing out. Of course other girls also aim to please and have all kinds of qualities, but Goth girls have an instinct to suck every cock dry with their hot perfect tattooed bodies in such a way that you're not sure if you are scared or you had the time of your life. Check these insanely hot ruthless teen girls dominating guys and getting it in all holes, like it's nothing. Only for hardcore sex fans.




Burning Angel
Score: 86.1
Burning Angel Date: 2015-06-02
Burning Angels is a website that is filled with photos and videos of alternative girls such as goth chicks, punk girls, biker babes. Finding a girl without any tattoos will not be that easy. You can find over 340 models on the website, including their bios. In addition to all that, the website has a live chat option.

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Niches: Fetish   Goth   Hardcore   HD Porn  
Real Emo Exposed
Score: 79.2
Real Emo Exposed Date: 2016-04-05
For the lovers of amateur emo babes, young scene chicks and inked and tattooed babes in general, we brought this really stirring emo/scene/goth/punk niche site, that features lovely amateur babes in these genres! Stunning emo teens show their stirring naked bodies in erotic teases and strip shows, while in other videos or images of the site you get rough and intense hardcore action with these hot emo babes. Whether your genre is softcore or lesbian, or you rather would watch a rough ass fuck, will bring you exactly what you want and wish for! The design of the site is good, large sample pictures welcome you on the page with scene and some site info about

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Niches: Amateur   Fetish   Goth  
Emo Sex GFs
Score: 79.2
Emo Sex GFs Date: 2016-04-09
There aren’t that many emo GF related adult sites out there that feature hot amateur chicks, but today we have one that is called! It is an amateur niche site that features only hot emo young adults and teen GFs in their material, which consists of both soft and hardcore images and videos, so that there would be something for everyone who is into these sexy emo cuties!

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Niches: Amateur   Goth   Videos  
My Alternative GF
Score: 76.0
My Alternative GF Date: 2015-05-15
My Alternative GF is all about amateur emo and scene babes showing their gorgeous amateur bodies and getting those tight pussies pounded by studs. When you open the site, there is a welcome page, where you have to click enter (only if you are 18+) which looks completely different than all the other welcome pages on the network. After seeing that page, we were hoping that the design would be unique too, but its not. Not that it is bad or anything, we would just love to see something different, that’s all. Actually the design is pretty light and simple, but at the same time it is a bit “boring”.

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Niches: Amateur   Fetish   Goth  
Badass Girlfriends
Score: 73.2
Badass Girlfriends Date: 2015-06-02 is a reality and or fetish site that features mostly super hot Emo and scene babes in their material. These chicks are wild as hell! They get down to business and they will do it how they like it! As usual you get both soft and hardcore related scenes and images which is great! This navigation is familiar to us, since almost all the AMA Kings sites use this layout and design, they only change the colors and sometimes the fonts on their different network sites. Although it is a bit boring, it is pretty light and user friendly so we won’t complain much!

Niches: Anal   Fetish   Goth   Reality  
Jennique Pain
Score: 66.7
Jennique Pain Date: 2015-05-27
Jennique is a wild dark haired teen chick with huge boobies, who started a personal site for her softcore videos and pictures. In her materials, she does some great solo scenes, she is undressing, dancing, caressing her body and teasing the viewer with the slutty tattooed gothic whore niche. The design is not that bad, but we don’t really like the picture in picture in picture styled designs, so maybe that is why we are not blown away by the site. The navigation is not the usual, it is pretty basic but it works well so we had no problems with it.

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Niches: Amateur   Goth   HD Porn   Individual Models  
Von Rebel
Score: 66.4
Von Rebel Date: 2015-06-05 is a solo site on the Bittie Bucks network which features a lovely punk-rock brunette teen named Von, who is doing all types of softcore action in her site’s videos and images. You get no hardcore action on the site, only some stirring softcore tease, strip shows and some light lesbian action with her GFs. The design of the site is pretty decent, although we have seen better from the network! You get the punk-rock theme in the design, which makes the site a bit unique! You get sample images, scene and site info and some scene description that will give you a clue of what you can expect on

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Niches: Fetish   Goth   Individual Models   Young Adults  
Red Sailor
Score: 64.9
Red Sailor Date: 2015-06-05
Behind the Red Sailor hides a stunning and sexy fresh teen babe. She really likes to caress her great looking tattoo's while having fun in front of the camera. The whole idea is to connect good feelings, sexual desire and beautiful body art. The ultimate satisfaction is to see her wearing sexy lingerie and underwear while she acts like a playful little kitten, but inside she holds the strength of the lioness. This site offers great entertainment not only on itself but through 29 bonus sites that are included in the membership fee.

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Niches: Amateur   Fetish   Goth   Individual Models  
Barely Evil
Score: 0.0
Barely Evil Date: 2016-04-23 is the Blue Blood network’s that features amateur looking emo, punk and Goth babes who do stirring lesbian and solo scenes in uniforms, lingerie with a little BDSM mixed into the material. There are a lot of pictures and videos where these tattooed and pierced babes tease and pose without clothes so we could see their gorgeous bodies, and be amazed of their artistic tattoos, sexy boobs, and their shaved pussies…The site’s design is not the best to say the least… Although we get that with this unique niche and fetish, there has to be a unique design too, but it just looks poorly designed. That is the first thing that comes to our mind, and since this is a review, we have to say what’s on our mind!

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Niches: Amateur   Fetish   Goth  
Gothic Sluts
Score: 0.0
Gothic Sluts Date: 2016-04-23 is another Goth, emo, punk niche site on the Blue Blood network, which features hot Goth, Emo and punk looking tattooed and pierced babes in their videos and pictures, who do great teases in lingerie, “uniforms”, nylons or they just simply pose without their clothes, and wear their tattoos as “clothes”. The design is basically the network’s general design, which is not something to be happy about… It looks amateurish and outdated!

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Niches: Amateur   Fetish   Goth  
Blue Blood
Score: 0.0
Blue Blood Date: 2016-04-23 is the Blue Blood network’s main site, which collects almost all of the material on the network, and puts it under one roof for the site’s members. They don’t have to visit each site separately, they just go onto, and almost every video and picture set is within a few clicks! Basically has the networks general design, but with different font style, different colors and these little modifications really improved the overall looks! It is still not very good, but at least it is decent!

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Niches: Amateur   Fetish   Goth  
Score: 0.0
Szandora Date: 2016-04-23
For those who want goth, emo and punk fetish with a horny babe, offers the solution! On the site you have this slutty Goth looking chick, who dresses up in all kinds of crazy uniforms and lingerie, like corsets with sexy panties with an emo make up, than you have pictures where she dresses up in latex to tease the viewer and so on… Now after describing her content, let’s say a few words about her site’s design and layout…

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Niches: Amateur   Fetish   Goth   Individual Models  
Michelle Aston
Score: 0.0
Michelle Aston Date: 2016-04-23 is another solo site, with a tattooed brunette babe Michelle Aston, who is into the Goth, emo and punk fetish, so her content is in these niches. On her site this brunette shares softcore pictures with her followers and members, sadly there are no videos present on The site has a pretty bad design, it looks and feels bad, it is like someone without any knowledge in website programming has put together a site in a free online program… Lots of flashing texts and banners, with “interesting” colors and font styles.

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Niches: Fetish   Goth   Solo Models  
Scar 13
Score: 0.0
Scar 13 Date: 2016-04-23
For the Goth, punk, emo niche lovers we present you, which is a solo site which features a Goth or emo looking babe Scar, who teases, poses in different clothes and shares the camera with GFs of hers for a quick lesbian shoot. All this is available on which has an “interesting” design, which is more poor than interesting but let us stay with interesting…

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Niches: Amateur   Goth   Individual Models  
XXX Indigo
Score: 0.0
XXX Indigo Date: 2014-04-15

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Niches: Amateur   Goth   Individual Models  
Mistress Rhiannon
Score: 0.0
Mistress Rhiannon Date: 2015-03-12

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Niches: Goth   Individual Models   Porn Stars  
Joanna Angel
Score: 0.0
Joanna Angel Date: 2015-05-20

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Niches: Goth   Hardcore   Individual Models