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Bizarre Fetishes Sites Reviews

We people are very strange. We are always searching for something to talk about. Weird and unusual sexual activities have been banned for many centuries, but seems that bizarre sex games are more common than we thought before. Here you can find a huge amount of very different bizarre games, from naughty up to extreme weird satisfaction pursuit. Never seen new ideas, old-school hardcore extreme bizarre porn, huge collection of bizarre paysites. Roping, pissing, enema, extreme fisting, insertations and so on. The beast is in all of us, but sleeping - get it awake and start to reveal a new kind of extreme fun - start to enjoy bizarre sex games.




The Training Of O
Score: 85.2
The Training Of O Date: 2015-03-18 is a heavy hardcore site with extreme BDSM fetishes! This site is not just any BDSM site, but it is a really heavy hardcore based site which is full of extreme bondage, punishment, humiliation and domination videos and still images! It is only for those who enjoy the sight of extremely punished and tied up babes who get sexually destroyed during the action. Some images will definitely be disturbing for the everyday porn viewer, so unless you are an extreme hardcore lover, you should not visit the site!

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Niches: BDSM   Bizarre   Fetish  
Infernal Restraints
Score: 83.7
Infernal Restraints Date: 2015-03-17
Does watching tied up naked sexy slaves make you horny? If the answer is YES, we have something special for you in a form of the Infernal Restraints porn site.

Niches: BDSM   Bizarre   Fetish  
Shes a Freak
Score: 83.5
Shes a Freak Date: 2015-03-18
Shes a freak is a great site for those who are not satisfied with the average hardcore porn, and they want to see something “harder” and dirtier. On the site you will see some great looking babes, in solo or lesbian scenes, who do some crazy stuff, like fisting, anal fingering, dildoing with various toys and tools. These great scenes come in both video and still image formats, so everyone can be satisfied.

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Niches: Amateur   Bizarre   Fisting   Insertions   Toys   Young Adults  
All Wam
Score: 83.0
All Wam Date: 2015-04-05
This is a site that not only is unique but something you’ve probably haven’t see before! After so many interesting and sometimes weird fetishes, we face yet another unique site which is called! This site is not only a fetish site, but for some it is probably the heaven of food fetish and water? or fluid/wet ??? fetish… We don’t know is this even a thing of they just come up with the idea that messy and wet is something that turns people really on. The food fetish we know is a real thing, but the “wet” thing is new to us in this form.

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Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Wet N Messy  
Orgy Max
Score: 82.4
Orgy Max Date: 2015-05-08
Well the kind of material you get on the site is no secret really… Once you read the site’s name you basically know everything. In the content you’ll see hardcore videos and pictures of wild orgies in various places such as clubs, parties, or just someone’s home. A lot of hot babes doing nasty things with horny dudes who want to fuck all of these bitches at these orgies! Great hardcore action such as oral tease, wild sex and some lesbo scenes if there are no cocks “around”. This is basically a mega site which gives a ton of orgies to the site’s members from various sites on the network, thus the material is not really exclusive on the site.

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Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Hardcore   Videos  
Score: 81.9
Hardtied Date: 2015-03-26
Hardtied is all about BDSM action with some of the hottest slaves who love to be treated with no respect. The price is a bit to high, but the quality is great.

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Niches: BDSM   Bizarre   Fetish  
Hardcore Smoothies
Score: 80.0
Hardcore Smoothies Date: 2015-04-07
This site is a bit different than most of the hardcore sites we review, and which are generalized as hardcore… In the material of the site, you will get a special type of material that is far from general hardcore porn, but some of you will definitely enjoy it! We are not talking about extreme sex or some rough fetish here, it is different than that! You will see no penetration, well at least not the kind we are used to! Here the babes gape their ass holes, pour liquids into them, later pour it out and drink it! As you can see it is not something you see every day!

Niches: Bizarre   Extreme   Fetish   Specialty  
My Fetish
Score: 79.4
My Fetish Date: 2015-05-15
If you would like to get a material that gives you both hardcore sex and the nylon or satin fetish in a combination with lingerie, you have come to the right place! despite the name only focuses on nylon and satin fetishes in the combination of hardcore sex! Their material comes in two forms, there are videos and pictures too. In this material there are hot babes who get fucked in every position by both dudes and chicks while wearing sexy satin dresses and nylons. There is not only guy on babe action but there are some really good lesbian scenes as well!

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Niches: Bizarre   Fetish  
Water Bondage
Score: 79.3
Water Bondage Date: 2015-05-10 features a special type of hardcore BDSM action, which gives you all kinds of BDSM hardcore sex with an additional bonus, or should we call it an element, which is water! All these bondage scenes somehow relate to water, which makes this already amazing material of theirs more stirring. In their video and image material, the babes get tied up, they get sex tortured, they get fucked and all these actions are done while there is water involved in the action in some form or way! Some get sprayed with water, some get fucked in the water, while in some extreme cases, the babes even get pulled under water.

★ Read Water Bondage review » ★

Niches: BDSM   Bizarre   Fetish   Wet N Messy  
Score: 78.1
Spitsters Date: 2015-04-19
We have another interesting site for those of you who like to see something new and something that you don’t get every day! The site is called, and as you can tell by its name, it is a fetish site that focuses on lesbian babes who share their split with each other in various forms! The material is similar to cum swapping, but here they do it with spit! It is definitely a bizarre fetish, and as you can see it is not meant for everyone, only for those who enjoy these kind of spit related materials! The site looks good, it has a good design! They have just the right amount of everything, so it gives you a professional feel and a good layout with adequate information.

★ Read Spitsters review » ★

Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Lesbian  
BBW Fight Club
Score: 77.8
BBW Fight Club Date: 2016-04-09
When you combine BBW babes with the nude fighting niche, you’ll end up with something like the material on! It is a BBW related site that offers nude fighting and sports in their content! But before you think there is some hardcore punching and kicking going on between these babes, don’t be afraid, there is only minimal wrestling between these huge babes, which soon turns into hardcore sex, lesbian pussy drilling or threesome action with the ref.

★ Read BBW Fight Club review » ★

Niches: BBW   Bizarre   Fetish   Sports  
Wierd Japan
Score: 77.4
Wierd Japan Date: 2015-04-29
For those who are into the Asian niche, but they would love to see some unusual scenes and things in the videos, we present Like its name states, you won’t get the usual hard or softcore porn with Asian babes on the site, but the weird and for some disturbing things and scenes. has a pretty good design, it is simple, it has enough scene description and info, plus the sample pictures make the site look good. The dark colors dominate the site with white and grey colored texts… it a pleasant experience for the eye, plus the white and black or black and white combination is always “classy”…

★ Read Wierd Japan review » ★

Niches: Asian   Bizarre   Fetish   Hardcore  
Squirt Alicious
Score: 76.5
Squirt Alicious Date: 2015-05-12
This website is fully dedicated to the female ejaculation. Watch fine young babes having orgasm and squirting all over the room. Great collection of FE with busty babes, teens, milfs, also with enjoyable hardcore actions. Superb quality of high resolution photo sets and great high quality video scenes. Professional content for bizarre and fetish lovers. Members will have access to company network also. Low cost fee, with discount offer.

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Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Hardcore   Squirting  
Hide Nylons
Score: 76.3
Hide Nylons Date: 2015-05-10
This site is all about nylons and the love for pantyhose! These babes in the site’s videos and pictures love nylons and pantyhose in general so much that they even masturbate with them. They stuff their pantyhose into their pussies and later pull it out, which gives them a great sensation during these unusual solo scenes. The site looks good, it is clean and simple! You get basic navigation, sample images, site info and some scene description which completes the user experience.

★ Read Hide Nylons review » ★

Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Legs N Nylons  
Smokers Erotica
Score: 75.1
Smokers Erotica Date: 2015-05-18
The Smokers Erotica site offers content related to the smoking fetish. The website is filled up with super good looking models that have the smoking habits, but they are ready to connect nicotine addiction with sexual action. Tons of photos and large amount of videos are waiting to be seen, all containing smoking habit and hardcore porn action. Limited access for three days for non members, members will receive ten additional bonus sites with the pass.

★ Read Smokers Erotica review » ★

Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Smoking  
Old Pussy Exam
Score: 75.0
Old Pussy Exam Date: 2016-04-05
The lovers of gyno exams, mature babes and the clinic fetish will probably enjoy this site that we are reviewing today… It is called Old Pussy Exam, and you can access it at It is a Nasty Czech Cash network site that gives good quality various material to the members. The design of the site is pretty clean and light which is great, we think that these kinds of designs are the best for adult sites, so we really liked them…

★ Read Old Pussy Exam review » ★

Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Mature  
Elite Smothering
Score: 74.1
Elite Smothering Date: 2015-06-12
Hot babes a lot of facesitting in a material that focuses ont he smothering fetish, this is what delivers to their members. The site has an interesting fetish which is delivered in a way that everyone will enjoy the fantastic curves and the stirring smothering action you get for your money! The design of is pretty decent, however it is far from being elite as mentioned in the title… There are sample images, scene infos and descriptions that will give enough information about the material for the first time viewers.

★ Read Elite Smothering review » ★

Niches: Bizarre   Femdom   Fetish   Smother  
Brutal Ball Busting
Score: 74.1
Brutal Ball Busting Date: 2015-06-04
Right in the very beginning of this review, we will tell you that is an extreme site, extreme even amongst extremes so read this review and check out the site only if you are an extreme cock punisher, or a lover of this niche! The material on is all about punishing and torturing cocks in every possible way! These cocks get stomped on, they get punched and shooted, the balls and the cock itself gets bitten and so on! The babes are absolutely fantastic, they are super gorgeous, and one thing is sure! They really adore punishing these cocks! It is like they have some kind of trauma which they have to let out of their system through the cock punishing!

Niches: BDSM   Bizarre   Femdom   Fetish  
Score: 73.0 Date: 2016-04-09 is all about the golden shower! In their hardcore fetish material, you will see both babes and studs pissing at each other, some of the material gives you pissing action into a bowl, while in other scenes the babes or studs pee into each other’s mouths making this hardcore material a little about bukkake too! So for one membership, that costs $24.95 you get peeing, various hardcore action and a little bukkake fetish too!

★ Read review » ★

Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Pissing  
Score: 72.0
Rimbledon Date: 2015-03-28
Rimbledon is a wild, kinky site that puts the ass in play. The Ass Brothers hit the road and find hot, desperate chicks that needs some extra cash. They bid them up and find out just how much it will take to get her on her knees to lick their asses.

★ Read Rimbledon review » ★

Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Hardcore