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Bizarre Fetishes Sites Reviews

We people are very strange. We are always searching for something to talk about. Weird and unusual sexual activities have been banned for many centuries, but seems that bizarre sex games are more common than we thought before. Here you can find a huge amount of very different bizarre games, from naughty up to extreme weird satisfaction pursuit. Never seen new ideas, old-school hardcore extreme bizarre porn, huge collection of bizarre paysites. Roping, pissing, enema, extreme fisting, insertations and so on. The beast is in all of us, but sleeping - get it awake and start to reveal a new kind of extreme fun - start to enjoy bizarre sex games.




Squirt Alicious
Score: 76.5
Squirt Alicious Date: 2015-05-12
This website is fully dedicated to the female ejaculation. Watch fine young babes having orgasm and squirting all over the room. Great collection of FE with busty babes, teens, milfs, also with enjoyable hardcore actions. Superb quality of high resolution photo sets and great high quality video scenes. Professional content for bizarre and fetish lovers. Members will have access to company network also. Low cost fee, with discount offer.

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Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Hardcore   Squirting  
Elite Smothering
Score: 74.1
Elite Smothering Date: 2015-06-12
Hot babes a lot of facesitting in a material that focuses ont he smothering fetish, this is what delivers to their members. The site has an interesting fetish which is delivered in a way that everyone will enjoy the fantastic curves and the stirring smothering action you get for your money! The design of is pretty decent, however it is far from being elite as mentioned in the title… There are sample images, scene infos and descriptions that will give enough information about the material for the first time viewers.

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Niches: Bizarre   Femdom   Fetish   Smother  
Bums In Action
Score: 71.2
Bums In Action Date: 2015-06-02
Bums In Action is the craziest, wildest, most insane site you will ever see. This site features horny bums finding horny homeless women and banging them in public. Not actors portraying bums, real bums really fucking in public. It must be seen to be believed.

★ Read Bums In Action review » ★

Niches: Bizarre   Hardcore   Mature  
Amateur Smothering
Score: 69.6
Amateur Smothering Date: 2015-06-02
We have another bizarre fetish site from the Fetish Wealth network, which is called! As you can easily guess, this site is all about amateur babes and the smothering fetish! In their material, you will get a lot of smothering, during which you’ll be able to see some nasty facesitting in both lesbian and the heterosexual way, which means the babes sit on both chicks and dudes! Besides the actual facesitting, the material is full of oral teasing, which can be surprisingly stirring for everyone! The babes may be amateur, but they look super hot, so if you are a curious guy or a babe, you should check out what the site has to offer.

Niches: Bizarre   Femdom   Fetish   Smother  
Pure Smothering
Score: 69.1
Pure Smothering Date: 2015-06-05
In this review, we are talking about, which is a fetish site, with the smother fetish in focus. On the site, you will get a lot of face sitting, some lighter BDSM action and femdoms with hot babes who adore sitting on faces, no matter is it a stud or a babe! In the material you’ll mostly see the mistresses sitting on their male stud’s faces, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find other interesting materials as well!

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Niches: Bizarre   Femdom   Fetish   Smother  
Pain Vixens
Score: 67.8
Pain Vixens Date: 2015-06-03
It is no surprise that is an extreme hardcore site with extreme BDSM scenes in their material, but some scenes on the site were surprising even for us! The site features all types of babes from all ethnicity! There are Asian cuties, there are Euro babes and there are ebony cuties from all ages, who get tortured roughly and extremely! They get tied up mostly with ropes, and what follows is everything but ordinary! Extreme hardcore porn with extreme fetishes, basically this is what offers for its members!

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Niches: BDSM   Bizarre   Fetish  
Punished Angels
Score: 66.1
Punished Angels Date: 2015-06-15
In this case when we say angels, they are not some heavenly mythical creatures, but stunning babes who are super cute! They come from all ages, while their beauty is unmatched! Great round asses, sexy tits and a figure that most of the girls would kill for! But since these gorgeous babes were naughty girls, they deserve a punishment and that is exactly what they’ll get! They will get their ass spanked until it’s red! They get their cute asses spanked by hand, later by different tools to make the pain even bigger! If red round asses or spanking is your “thing” you should take a look at!

★ Read Punished Angels review » ★

Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Spanking  
Score: 0.0
Bizarix Date: 2015-02-23

★ Read Bizarix review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Bizarre   Fetish  
Devils Dolls
Score: 0.0
Devils Dolls Date: 2015-02-23

★ Read Devils Dolls review » ★

Niches: Bizarre   Fetish   Glamour