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What to say? This niche is fully loaded with hot babes and endowed studs who are looking for a good place to spill their ball content. Huge number of websites dedicated to visible ejaculations on every part of sexy chicks. No part will be excluded, look for tit, ass, belly, hair or mouth cumshot. We have listed almost every aspect of it, it is just you who have to search for the alternate genre. Extra cool male squirts, big cum loads, horny babes with wide open mouth, that's what we are talking about!

Cum Shots



Teen Pies
Score: 86.0
Teen Pies Date: 2015-06-02
Teen pies is a great porn site where you can find fully legal teenage models being filled with seamen. It definitely has a lot to offer in that segment. The site features more than 1400 beautiful teens that can only be found there and nowhere else. Live feeds and chat can also be found on the site.

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Niches: Amateur   Cream Pies   Cum Shots   Young Adults  
Only Teen Blowjobs
Score: 83.0
Only Teen Blowjobs Date: 2015-03-20
If you want to see how beautiful 18-20 year old horny chicks blow massive hard cocks, this site is a must watch. They offer the best looking teen models in great hardcore blowjob actions, with deepthroats, throatfucks or ball sucking scenes. The material comes in video and still image formats and in them you have all the type of chicks you can imagine. Sexy blonds, redheads or brunettes with huge or small tits, with our without piercings they simply have all the type of girls for you. The site looks good, the design is great, and with that simple navigation of theirs, it is easy to browse the site.

Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   High Def   Young Adults  
1000 Facials
Score: 83.0
1000 Facials Date: 2015-03-20
This site offers great hardcore blowjob scenes with deepthroats and throatfucks in their videos and pictures. On the site there are great facial and cumshot scenes, where these beautiful babes get big loads of cum on their faces. There are blonds, brunettes or redheads that know how to suck, and as their reward, they get a big load of male juice on their beautiful faces. The design of the site is really great, you have a lot of info and description about the content the offer. The dark colors dominate the site, and those texts and sample pictures make it look even better. The navigation is also great as expected.

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Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   HD Porn   Videos  
Peter North
Score: 82.7
Peter North Date: 2015-03-22
This website features downloadable non exclusive cutouts from hardcore DVD's featuring Peter North and his famous cumshots. Watch near 1000 minutes of dirty sluts sucking, getting big loads of cum and gulping Peter North's juice. Now, $2.95 Limited Access for Three Days, monthly membership fee is $14.95. Join and enjoy the great clips or the 21 bonus sites included in membership fee.

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Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   Individual Models  
Score: 82.6
Throated Date: 2015-03-23 is the site to be a member of, if you want to see some really hard and rough blowjob material with hard deepthroats and throatfucks with gagging and struggling hot babes. There are all types of chicks in the site with one thing in common, and that is the love of blowjobs and massive cocks. As for the design, we must say that the site looks really good, it has a great design with a simple yet effective navigation. The dark colors dominate the site, and those texts and sample pictures make it look even better.

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Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   Deep Throat  
Pov Blowjobs
Score: 81.8
Pov Blowjobs Date: 2015-03-26
POV Blowjobs is a website which is showing a different way of blowjobs and giving the viewer an opportunity to see the action from the first row. Nice and interesting scenes, young girls and huge dicked guys, hardcore porn, sex plays with a lot of imagination and fantasy. An ideal place for getting new knowledge and ideas. Blowjobs and cumshots in “First-person shooter”. 20 bonus sites, low membership fee.

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Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   Hardcore  
POV Life
Score: 80.2
POV Life Date: 2016-03-22
POV Life is a website which is showing a radical way of sex games and giving the viewer an opportunity to be the first character. A little imagination and the viewer becomes the actor! Interesting scenes, young girls and huge, endowed guys, hardcore reality porn, sex play with a lot of imagination and fantasy. An ideal place for getting new knowledge and ideas. Blowjobs and cumshots in “First-person shooter”. All exclusive material. Bonus sites, low membership fee.

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Niches: Amateur   Blowjobs   Cum Shots   Hardcore   Videos  
Creampie Angels
Score: 79.9
Creampie Angels Date: 2015-06-22
These girls love to get fucked hard and have the guy that is drilling them drain his balls and fill their well-fucked pussies with hot cum. Then they can squeeze it out and show the world just what a cum filled angel looks like. This site features some very good looking girls, hot hardcore action and some very sticky creampies.

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Niches: Cream Pies   Cum Shots   Hardcore   Young Adults  
This Girl Sucks
Score: 79.7
This Girl Sucks Date: 2015-04-19
This Girl Sucks is a project that deals exclusively with one form of gratification of lust: oral sex. Girls who love to suck, lick, chew, swallow, massage, torture, twist, swallow, gag and masturbate huge male tools. At the end of their little game everything become whole covered with a large amount of thick and sticky male juice. Extra galleries, video streams and movie material, 100% exclusive and some rare footage's are also available.

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Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   Young Adults  
Jizz GFs
Score: 79.6
Jizz GFs Date: 2015-04-28
For the lovers of blow or handjob lovers, we introduce this oral and cum related site called, which gives good looking amateur babes, a lot of cum, cumshot and some huge facials to the lovers of this fetish! The site has videos and pictures too, so probably everyone will find his or her format on the site! The action isn’t that diverse, but it is really enjoyable and stirring! The design is not that great, but you get sample images, some site info with a teaser trailer which kind of makes it better… There is too much going on on the site with these thumbnail images if you ask us, but that is only our opinion.

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Niches: Amateur   Blowjobs   Cum Shots  
Cum Blast City
Score: 79.5
Cum Blast City Date: 2016-01-03
On the site you will see some really sexy young girls who love cumshots, and the taste of cum in their mouths. You get all type of babes on, blonds, brunettes, redheads and dark haired babes enjoy giving head than getting sprayed by the hot male juice. The site looks really good, the design looks professional, there is just the right amount of texts and sample pictures on the site. Just like the design, the navigation is also great!

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Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   Hardcore  
Class Blowjob
Score: 79.2
Class Blowjob Date: 2015-05-26
As you can see, is all about blowjobs and hardcore sex, but what you can’t know is that this site also gives you super hot amateur young adults and some pretty decent quality videos and images! We don’t have to tell you that the blowjob scenes are flawless and that the babes are skillful and amazing when it comes to teasing hard cocks do we? In case we do have to tell you, we will! They are amazing when it comes to blowjobs and oral teases! Stay with us when we will talk in detail about the material you get here!

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Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   Hardcore   Young Adults  
Cumshot Oasis
Score: 77.3
Cumshot Oasis Date: 2015-04-29
This website is in the Fame network, featuring fine, young amateur like sexy girls who love cumshots. Big collection of explicit hardcore video shoots. Extra quality of adult content featuring young amateur models. Cumshots from every angle, in every possible hole, in various amounts of male juice. Very low fee price include access to the network of the Fame Digital,- 15 bonus site. High Quality video material. No download limits for members.

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Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   Hardcore  
Interracial Blow Bang
Score: 77.0
Interracial Blow Bang Date: 2015-05-06
This site is for the lovers on bukkake, interracial sex, black cocks and blowjob orgies! Here, in the videos and pictures, you will get a lot of messy and naughty blowjob action, with huge thick black cocks and sexy whit bitches, who love these black pole’s in their holes! Although you will only see these sluts suck the black dicks that surround them, the action is real hardcore! All this can be seen on a site that has decent design… If you ask us, both the layout and the design could be better, there is too much text and picture in picture… The site doesn’t feel light and user friendly at all! Although the design is not the best, the navigation is really great on

Niches: Bukkake   Cum Shots   Group Sex   Hardcore   Interracial  
Creampie Thais
Score: 76.1
Creampie Thais Date: 2015-05-10
Creampie Thais is a website dedicated to feature lovely and sweet looking Thai girls. Great collection of fantastically hot hardcore actions filled up with great cumshots and creampies. The sexy and fresh Asian babes love to feel the flow of huge amount of male cum inside them. The members will enjoy the wight how the male juice slips out of their tight holes. Quality material in offer, high resolution photos and great videos. Bonus sites also included in offer, members will get eight sites for more enjoyment. Exclusive content.

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Niches: Asian   Cream Pies   Cum Shots  
Panty Pops
Score: 75.9
Panty Pops Date: 2015-05-11
The Panty Pops website is all about sexy babes in small and tight panties, with an extra point to cumshots. These gorgeous little devils know for sure how to drip ass to boil male blood. Great collection of High Resolution pictures linked to the high quality video scenes. 75 porn stars in hours of adult fun material will for sure cheer up the panty fetish lovers. Low cost membership fee, with a possibility to check in for 3 days limited account.

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Niches: Cum Shots   Fetish   Panties  
Pov This
Score: 75.7
Pov This Date: 2015-05-11
POV This is a website which is showing a great new way of having sex and giving the viewer an opportunity to be the actor. A little imagination and the viewer becomes the actor! Interesting scenes, young girls and huge, endowed guys, hardcore reality porn, sex play with a lot of imagination and fantasy. An ideal place for getting new knowledge and ideas. Blowjobs and cumshots in “First-person shooter”. One bonus site, low membership fee.

★ Read Pov This review » ★

Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   Hardcore  
Cumshot Surprise
Score: 75.7
Cumshot Surprise Date: 2015-05-12 is all about massive cumshots, some bukkake action, group fucks with facials, and great creampie finishes when these cute chicks get filled with male juice. Since the site is part of the Porn Pros Network, we expected decent design with great quality material and some amazing cumshot action with sexy babes. Whether we got ir or not will be written in the rest of the review... First, lets start with the design... No surprise here really, the site looks good, it has a good layout with the material in focus, with a basic navigation that completes the site.

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Niches: Blowjobs   Cream Pies   Cum Shots  
Cum Bang
Score: 75.3
Cum Bang Date: 2015-05-12
We have seen websites where a white chick gets surrounded by huge black cocks, but here it is the other way round! On, you get a sexy black chick, who is surrounded by white dicks, which she teases orally or with her hand during these videos and pictures that you get on the site! You know that the babes look great, no let’s say a few words about the looks of the site. Dog Fart sites usually look good, but this one is a little different… It is not that bad, but we would make it much simpler… There is too much picture in picture styled design on the main page, plus there are some annoying flashing texts that don’t really do good for the overall looks… Unlike the design, the navigation is really great, we liked it!

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Niches: Cum Shots   Gangbangs   Group Sex   Hardcore   Interracial  
Creamed Cuties
Score: 73.8
Creamed Cuties Date: 2015-05-16
In general, the Creamed Cuties is a collection of blowjob addicted models in various hardcore actions before getting filled up. These fantastic beautiful models will be satisfying for every member, since the quantity and the quality of the offered content is very high. Great amount of pictures, hours and hours of high quality video material is available. Bonus sites are also given to enhance the time spent inside the member’s area. Fully exclusive material is worth of the low cost membership fee.

★ Read Creamed Cuties review » ★

Niches: Blowjobs   Cream Pies   Cum Shots