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What do you like? Leather, latex, rubber? Or perhaps your sexual fantasies are awaken by high heels, feet, butts or boobs? Fetishes are many, also many people haven't even dreamed that maybe deep inside have some fetish. Are you interested to know more? Well, in this niche you can search within numerous paysites to find the content that is suitable for you. The main milestone is fetish, and hundreds of pathways are leading to desired subject matter. All you need to do is to enter by this link and start to look for your favorite theme. So easy, so intriguing.




BBW Fight Club
Score: 77.8
BBW Fight Club Date: 2016-04-09
When you combine BBW babes with the nude fighting niche, you’ll end up with something like the material on! It is a BBW related site that offers nude fighting and sports in their content! But before you think there is some hardcore punching and kicking going on between these babes, don’t be afraid, there is only minimal wrestling between these huge babes, which soon turns into hardcore sex, lesbian pussy drilling or threesome action with the ref.

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Niches: BBW   Bizarre   Fetish   Sports  
Sadistic Rope
Score: 77.8
Sadistic Rope Date: 2016-04-09
The lovers of roping, BDSM or hardcore bondage will have a smile on their face after seeing this site! Although the design isn’t the best, the layout is somehow weird, their hardcore BDSM material is flawless! If you enjoy the sight of someone being sex tortured, tormented, tied up and punished, this is a really amazing site! The babes get tied up, roped and later fucked with different sex toys such as vibrators, dildoes and dildoes attached to fucking machines.

★ Read Sadistic Rope review » ★

Niches: BDSM   Fetish   Hardcore  
Subspace Land
Score: 77.6
Subspace Land Date: 2015-04-23 is a hardcore BDSM site that gives you really amazing extreme hardcore material with glamour models and beautiful babes who get tied up, humiliated, tortured and punished by their masters! The content is unique in a way that is hard to explain… Although the action is hardcore and extreme BDSM, the material somehow feels erotic. This is probably due to the models in the scenes, since they are so erotic and sensual…

★ Read Subspace Land review » ★

Niches: BDSM   Fetish   Hardcore  
Flexi Fetish Girls
Score: 77.5
Flexi Fetish Girls Date: 2015-04-29
Eastern European girls contort and stretch their athletic bodies in all sorts of poses on this mostly softcore site. They all seem to have bodies that were meant to be contorted into all sorts of naughty ways, preferably to show their tight pussies or assholes in such ways you never saw before. If more than athletic European girls are your niche, this site will get you off in no time.

Niches: Fetish   Specialty   Sports  
Planet of Shemales
Score: 77.5
Planet of Shemales Date: 2015-04-24
The Planet of Shemales represent the huge collection of special and tasty material for bisexuals and others who like to peek in the world of shemales. The point is on giving out full disclosure of fun and joy with the donged girls, all done in high quality and of course in High Definition. The actions have a taste of variety, so the members can get full access to solo, one on one and threesome actions. All kind of porn included in this niche, closeups, all exclusive stuff.

Niches: Fetish   Shemales   Tranny  
Rough 18
Score: 77.5
Rough 18 Date: 2015-04-23
The guys of Rough 18 put a collar around these teen babes, grab them by the leash and lead them to the bed where they proceed to fuck their brains out. These babes get their asses and pussies fucked hard and all the while are controlled by the man who is pulling back on their leash. It takes regular teen hardcore and and gives it a wicked little kinky twist.

★ Read Rough 18 review » ★

Niches: Fetish   Spanking   Young Adults  
Wierd Japan
Score: 77.4
Wierd Japan Date: 2015-04-29
For those who are into the Asian niche, but they would love to see some unusual scenes and things in the videos, we present Like its name states, you won’t get the usual hard or softcore porn with Asian babes on the site, but the weird and for some disturbing things and scenes. has a pretty good design, it is simple, it has enough scene description and info, plus the sample pictures make the site look good. The dark colors dominate the site with white and grey colored texts… it a pleasant experience for the eye, plus the white and black or black and white combination is always “classy”…

★ Read Wierd Japan review » ★

Niches: Asian   Bizarre   Fetish   Hardcore  
Amateur Bondage Videos
Score: 77.3
Amateur Bondage Videos Date: 2015-04-29
The combination of amateur models and the bondage niche may seem a bit steep, but if you check out the material you get on the site, you’ll learn that this was a really great idea by the creators of the Fetish Wealth Network, and you’ll have a great pastime browsing the material if you are a fan of BDSM, bondage and light sex torture and punishment! The site itself doesn’t look good at all, there are too many annoying banners, ads and flashing texts on the site, and that ruins the design really badly! There are some images and teasers about the material, so you get a strong idea about the material but overall, the design and layout isn’t the best!

Niches: BDSM   Fetish   Videos  
Just Emo GFS
Score: 77.3
Just Emo GFS Date: 2016-04-05 is featuring hot amateur Emo babes in their video and picture material. The scenes are mostly softcore based, you don’t get any hardcore material on the site. The babes pose, tease and strip for the camera so that you can delight in the sight of their stunning bodies. The design is pretty good and light with just the right amount of sample images, scene and sight info. This is probably one of the best looking sites on the network.

★ Read Just Emo GFS review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Fetish   Young Adults  
Crazy Spandex Girls
Score: 77.2
Crazy Spandex Girls Date: 2015-05-27
Fans of seductive women in spandex suites will love the content Crazy Spandex Girls has to offer. Fit and flexible women are clad head to toe in the fabric of their choice, slowly and teasingly getting naked and showing off their magnificently maintained pussies. With both solo and lesbian action, these tempting models won't leave you limp for a second.

Niches: Fetish   Latex   Softcore  
Transsexual Roadtrip
Score: 77.1
Transsexual Roadtrip Date: 2015-05-28
The Transsexual Roadtrip is a website that features sexy shemale hardcore porn material. The main niche is transsexual, and the members will enjoy in great collection of picture sets as well as video scenes. Near 150 hours of video fun and several thousand high quality pictures in the galleries. Members or new comers can apply for 3 day limited access (up to 10 downloads from the latest video section), or can get full access to site for 14.95 bucks.

Niches: Fetish   Hardcore   Shemales   Tranny  
Hot Rubber Babes
Score: 77.0
Hot Rubber Babes Date: 2015-05-28
If all you can think about are beautiful women in skin-hugging latex outfits, you are going to be very happy when you find out that every single one of the models are covered head to toe in a rubber bodysuit with a rare glimpse of facial impression, just for the tiny bit of realism. The latex ladies dance, strip and lick each other to tease you out of this world!

★ Read Hot Rubber Babes review » ★

Niches: BDSM   Fetish   Latex  
Pure Smoking
Score: 77.0
Pure Smoking Date: 2015-05-15
There are so many fetishes, both that are hardcore or extreme and some lighter ones like what offers for their members. The site is all about the smoking fetish, which is giving the members great smoke fetish in combination with hardcore adult scenes in which these smoking babes get fingered, and fucked in various positions. These hardcore scenes in the combination of the smoke fetish give a lot of interesting material for those of you who like these niches. It is something different that what you normally get in hardcore sites, so it’s worth a shot.

★ Read Pure Smoking review » ★

Niches: Fetish   Smoking  
Free Hentai Passport
Score: 77.0
Free Hentai Passport Date: 2015-04-30 is probably not the biggest site on the Sex Tronix network, but that does not mean that it is not good! Compared to other „passport“ sites on the network may seem average, but it really isn't! Thre is enough material for you for moths and even for years, so if Hentai is your „thing“ have a go for it! The site will provide a great pastime for everyone who likes this kind of adult material! The site is quite good as far as the design goes, they have the focus on their videos and pictures, which is completely fine! The layout is user friendly and light which is allways good!

Niches: Anime   Fetish   Hentai  
Pantyhose Movie Club
Score: 77.0
Pantyhose Movie Club Date: 2015-04-30
It is not hard to guess what kind of niche this site features in its movies and pictures, you just have to read the domain name… Their main niche is pantyhose, but you get some lingerie and nylon fetish too. The babes pose in these clothes, than undress and tease their pussy with toys or with their hands in the solo scenes. The design of is pretty decent, they have some info on their site, plus some sample pictures, although we have to mention that the site has a lot of picture in picture image, that doesn’t look that good to be honest. The navigation is average on, it is simple, but it doesn’t have that simple built, you would love to see.

Niches: Fetish   Legs N Nylons   Panties   Videos  
Free Anime Passport
Score: 77.0
Free Anime Passport Date: 2015-04-30
Hello Asian babe lovers! We have finally come across a passport site on the Sex Tronix network, that is entirely dedicated to Asian babes in all sort of both hard and softcore action! On you get almost every type of niche with really gorgeous lesbian cuties. The site itself is like almost all of the passport site's on the network, it has a pretty huge amount of material, good simple design and a user friendly interface!

Niches: Anime   Fetish   Hentai  
Pee Squad
Score: 76.9
Pee Squad Date: 2015-06-06
The content of this site really isn’t any secret… It is obvious that on this site, you get the extreme pee fetish! In the site’s video and picture material, you get some pee bukkake action, gang bangs that lead to pissing and pee bukkake and there are also lesbian materials that end up with hot babes peeing on each other. The material is really various, you will see every kind of pee fetish you can think of! Peeing with the combination of hardcore sex, really makes the material unique and original!

★ Read Pee Squad review » ★

Niches: Fetish   Group Sex   Pissing   Wet N Messy  
Panty Girlfriends
Score: 76.7
Panty Girlfriends Date: 2015-05-08
If you are a panties freak, or you just can’t live without panties and super hot young adults who tease and pose in this sexy piece of clothing, you are on the right place! is all about super hot young babes who tease in various panties in the site’s amazing softcore material! You get blondes, brunettes and redheads as well who will amaze you with their mind blowing tease shows on the site. If you are looking for softcore material, that will help you to jerk off, or help you to cum during masturbation, this is the site for you!

★ Read Panty Girlfriends review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Fetish   Panties   Softcore  
Hentai Place
Score: 76.6
Hentai Place Date: 2015-05-08 is a site or a place if that is the name of the site, where you get to see great diverse hardcore videos and pictures that cover a huge amount of fetishes and niches. From the normal guy on girl hardcore, to hardcore lesbians throughout BDSM bondage with uniform fetish, and some naughty solo scenes with these sexy and horny characters, the site offers every kind of material for its members and users. The design is pretty good. We have to say though that the site is a little crowded with content, there is too much info text and sample picture on the main page for our taste, but it is nothing terrible. The navigation is how it should be, simple and easily usable.

★ Read Hentai Place review » ★

Niches: Anime   Fetish   Games   Hentai  
Fetish Transformation
Score: 76.5
Fetish Transformation Date: 2015-05-08
You will certainly want to be part of the growing cosplay empire after watching these everyday girls being transformed into slithering snakes, bald latex mannequins, silver aliens and more. Of course, the models show you every part of their stretchy body, but the main focus is on the process of their transformation. Give it a try, maybe you will find your fetish here as well as others already did.

Niches: Fetish   Glamour   Uniforms