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Shemales, ladyboys, fake chicks, titted guys, babes with boners...all for fun, fun for all. If you are looking for this kind of hardcore action, this is the right place for you then! Amazing quality, close-ups, and everlasting joy featuring shemales. Shemale with real man, ladyboy with girl, titted dicker receiving hard cock in ass and sucking additional boner! We have tried to list up the best websites that have ultra high quality offer. High rated material is waiting to be used in the right way, enjoy the view, have fun!




More Than A Girl
Score: 69.1
More Than A Girl Date: 2015-06-02
What a clever name this site has… When you read it, you can easily think of some special action, or more than your everyday porn, and in some way you get exactly that, but not how you’d expect it! is a hardcore shemale site, with the best looking shemales who are not afraid to show their skills and sex bodies in front of the camera! These hot trannies are into all kinds of kinky hardcore sex from threesomes to regular hardcore sex with both studs and babes!

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Niches: Hardcore   Shemales   Tranny  
Porn Shemale Movies
Score: 68.9
Porn Shemale Movies Date: 2015-06-05
If you are into the shemale niche, or you are simply interested in seeing babes with cocks, have a look at! It is a site that features hot heshes in some nasty hardcore action. The material mostly consists of hardcore ass fucking and blowjobs, but there are a few scenes where these babes only pose and tease with their tranny bodies! The design is not that bad, the layout focuses on the material with sample images and scene info. The site has a pretty simple navigation too, which is really great, you can use it easily to browse through the offered material.

Niches: Hardcore   Shemales   Tranny  
SheMale Fuck Fest
Score: 68.2
SheMale Fuck Fest Date: 2015-06-03
For the hot shemale lovers we introduce, which is a site that is dedicated to the hottest and naughtiest trannies, shemales, he shes and ladyboys out there. On the site you have great hardcore scenes between studs and these hot shemales int he form of videos and pictures. The design is pretty simple while giving you enough info, sample images and description about the material that you’ll see on!

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Niches: Shemales   Tranny  
Tranny Kingz
Score: 0.0
Tranny Kingz Date: 2016-04-01
For the hot shemale lovers we introduce, a site that is dedicated to the hottest and naughtiest trannies out there. On you have great hardcore scenes with these hot shemales from every ethnicity getting pounded by dudes with hard cocks in the form of both videos and pictures. The design is a bit too fancy if you ask us, there is just too much going on on some parts of the site... There are parts that look good and have a good layout, but the majority of the site is just too crowded and not really user friendly... Flashing ads, banners and so on... We don't like these kinds of things on a site, so we didn't liked the desig of

★ Read Tranny Kingz review » ★

Niches: Shemales   Tranny  
Dicky Bitches
Score: 0.0
Dicky Bitches Date: 2016-04-19 is a tranny site which gives you some nasty hardcore action with some hot shemales! Pretty basic stuff in the material really… Horny shemales get their ass holes fucked hard by equally horny studs. Sometimes the dudes get fucked in the ass, sometimes the shemales, it is basically a general hardcore site with shemales and studs. The design like always isn’t the best but it does its job…

★ Read Dicky Bitches review » ★

Niches: Hardcore   Shemales   Tranny  
Shemale Discounts
Score: 0.0
Shemale Discounts Date: 2016-04-19 is another fetish site from the Ferro Network, but here instead of sexy nylons you get to see horny shemales who will fuck and suck everything and everyone! These trannies are really something else! As soon as they see the slightest chance they strike! This leads to great hardcore sex, great cock sucking both in and outdoors! So as you can see the material is pretty diverse and interesting, let’s find out more!

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Niches: Shemales   Tranny  
Shemales Fuck Girls
Score: 0.0
Shemales Fuck Girls Date: 2016-04-19
This site is special, in the way that you don’t only get the usual or general hardcore shamele content, but specific one, in which you’ll see horny shameless and even hornier babes doing some nasty hardcore action such as cock sucking, licking, fingering and hardcore fucking in several positions! You will only see shemale on babe actions, there are no studs to foul up the content for those who aren’t interested in them! This kind of material can’t be found everywhere, that is why is a delicacy amongst sites with the shemale niche.

Niches: Fetish   Lesbian   Shemales   Tranny  
Shemales Fuck Guys
Score: 0.0
Shemales Fuck Guys Date: 2016-04-19
There is a shemale site on the Ferro Network, which focuses on the hardcore action between babes and shemales, and now we got, which is another hardcore site with a lot of hardcore sex, but this time it features studs in the material instead of babes! These handsome dudes get fucked, they blow and do deepthroats, and endure some really rough ass punishing by some big shemale dongs! There are only shemales and studs in the material, so it is another fetish site with unique material from the Ferro Network.

Niches: Shemales   Tranny  
Shemales Fuck Shemales
Score: 0.0
Shemales Fuck Shemales Date: 2016-04-19
After so many hardcore sex with handsome studs and sexy babes, the shemales at the Ferro Network finally got a hardcore site just for themselves! Here at, they do all kinds of dirty hardcore action such as cock sucking, oral teasing, soft and wild ass drilling and so on! They have the material all for themselves, which will be definitely stirring for those of you who are into this niche! The site is definitely unique and original, and it will satisfy every shemale lover’s fantasy as far as the material goes!

Niches: Shemales   Tranny  
Shemale Weddings
Score: 0.0
Shemale Weddings Date: 2016-04-19
A wedding is a special day in everyone’s life! No matter what is your sexual orientation, or what ethnicity you belong to, a wedding is something you remember for the rest of your life, and it is a day that will remain in your memory like one of you best days in your life! The shemale population is no different than any of us, they celebrate this special day like everyone else, or even more! On this site, you’ll have the pleasures to see how they celebrate this precious day with some nasty hardcore sex action! The bride fucks her fiancé, the fiancé fucks her bride, they suck each other and you’ll have a fantastic wedding and shemale fetish material that is something you’ve did not see until this day!

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Niches: Amateur   Shemales   Tranny  
Trans Pantyhose
Score: 0.0
Trans Pantyhose Date: 2016-04-19
On you will not only see great tease shows by sexy shemales and trannies with big cocks, but they have combined this already interesting content with the pantyhose and nylons niche, which will give you something that you have to check out if shemales and nylons are your “thing”! Sadly the design and layout of the site isn’t great, there Is room for progression, and we can only hope that their material is better that what the site looks like. The design is not always in relation with the quality of content, but in most cases it is a strong indicator.

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Niches: Fetish   Legs N Nylons   Shemales   Tranny  
Wired Shemales
Score: 0.0
Wired Shemales Date: 2016-04-19 brings you the horniest shemales and trannies in some really nasty hardcore action in both video and picture formats! You can enjoy these shemales in videos and images as they drill both studs and babes, or as they get blown by horny studs or cock hungry babes who are into these cute he shes! From the looks of their material, you get diverse hardcore action with the shemale fetish, so lets find out more about the site!

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Niches: Fetish   Shemales   Tranny  
Transsexual GFs
Score: 0.0
Transsexual GFs Date: 2013-12-03

★ Read Transsexual GFs review » ★

Niches: Amateur   Shemales   Tranny  
Pinko Shemales
Score: 0.0
Pinko Shemales Date: 2015-01-20

★ Read Pinko Shemales review » ★

Niches: Shemales  
Score: 0.0
Futafan Date: 2015-01-08

★ Read Futafan review » ★

Niches: Anime   Hardcore   Shemales  
Hentai X Shemales
Score: 0.0
Hentai X Shemales Date: 2015-01-19

★ Read Hentai X Shemales review » ★

Niches: Anime   Hardcore   Shemales  
Extreme Tranny
Score: 0.0
Extreme Tranny Date: 2015-01-05

★ Read Extreme Tranny review » ★

Niches: Fetish   Shemales  
VIP Tranny
Score: 0.0
VIP Tranny Date: 2015-01-07

★ Read VIP Tranny review » ★

Niches: Shemales  
Tranny Temptation
Score: 0.0
Tranny Temptation Date: 2015-01-04

★ Read Tranny Temptation review » ★

Niches: Shemales  
Almost Female
Score: 0.0
Almost Female Date: 2015-01-02

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Niches: Shemales